COCO Disney Pixar Premier Show

Was invited to COCO Disney Pixar Premier Show. Boy! The ending got me so bad that I was crying non-stop. *Even after I reached home (was extremely touched by the ending)

Coco is a heartwarming story about the importance of family. The story setting is Mexican based so I was travelling in a totally different world and I was exposed to a new tradition of Mexico's DIA DE LOS MUERTOS.

Since it is Mexican based so they have the accent when they talk English. That made the movie so much more fun and cute to watch.

The songs made me shake while I was at the cinema as the Mexican's really do have a good beat which will make you dance. Especially the Un Poco Loco!!

Coco is about how a future shoemaker is trying to change his future to be a musician by fighting with his ancestor (No kidding!) He legit goes to the afterworld and fights with his ancestors to be a musician. How and why is for you to find out!

Watch the teaser here: 

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