Got Natural and Organic Products from Signature Market!

So I was searching for organic products from the supermarket and I find it to be a little pricey. *Boom Facebook showed me an ad from Signature Market saying that they have SALES! *My weakness!

California Walnut Natural

I went all out and purchased all the nuts that I was dying to try. I love roasted almond, hazelnut and walnut.

Hazel nut raw

Of course, I purchased all of this as fresh nuts and also in a big amount so I can roast and eat it whenever I want.

Pistachios Kernel (Raw)

I was looking at their website and they do not only sell raw nuts and seeds. They have lots of categories.

Pecan Nuts Natural 

- Nuts & Trail Mixes
- Dried Fruits
- Wholesome Cookies
- Gourmet Snacks
- Granola Snacks
- Cereal & Granola Bars

- Organic Seeds & Beans
- Raw Nuts & Seeds
- Nut Butters & Fruit Spreads
- Honey & Sweeteners
- Herbal & Medicine Tea
- Coffee & Tea
- Rice & Noodles
- Baking & Premix
- Cooking & Meal Ingredients
- Spices, Seasoning & Salt

- Overnight Oats
- Powder Beverage
- Artisan Granola
- Crunchy Granola
- Muesli

Chocolate Chip Cookies
My focus was on nuts so I chose raw nuts, mixed nuts with flavours, cookie (for my cheat days), and also mixed berries.

Apricot Berry Mix

I personally loved my nuts as it was really fresh. I find it to be a good buy since I got it in big bulk and for promo price. Well, they have sales quite often. Hehe.

Black Pepper Almond with Cheese 

I purchased Black Pepper Almond with Cheese just to try it. As the name suggests it was different and now it is one of my favourites! It was salty and the pepper added a taste. It wasn't as spicy as expected.

Lemon Walnut Almond Cruncher

Lemon Walnut Almond Cruncher had a strong lemon taste where it was sour and sweet. It was a good blend of berries and nuts. It became another favourite of mine.

Berry Treasure

For more information: 

Facebook Page: Signature Market

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