I Learned on How to Make Up at IStyle Academy

I Style Academy, an accredited vocational training centre that specializes in makeup and hair styling in the fields of film, TV, theatre, stage, bridal and fashion.

They will make sure that we are getting the real facts and they will cover everything we need to know in order to go out into the world and start or expand our career.

Established in 2012 in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, they have partnered with the United Kingdom West College Scotland and put together a team of tutors who are trained and experienced in the areas that students most want to study.

For up-to-date techniques in makeup, hair styling and more, there is one name that you can trust fully and completely~ i Style Academy.

In addition to their core curriculum, they offer some supplemental certificates which are available to students who attend external programs in conjunction with their own program.

How I personally got to know i Style Academy is through Kiple and I attended a class so I can learn how to make up. Thank you to Kiple for giving me an excellent opportunity.

Though I always attend Makeup class, this class was a little different as they started from the skin care. Yes, I have to agree, that a beautiful skin, is the best foundation we need to have.

In order to have a beautiful skin, we need to know what we will have to apply. Wash your face and neck, apply toner, ampoule, moisturizer and sunblock.

Since I learned a day makeup theory so sunblock is included. Apart from that, I also learned, how to apply the cream to your face is very vital. The movement has to be upwards and not downwards.

We started off the make up session by applying the primer. The primer seems like it has no use but a primer is the most important thing which we should not skip on.

Primer covers the pores and smoothens the wrinkles so face will instantly look smooth. Not only that, a primer is important to the face so our face will not be cakey at the end of the day.

The primer also works as skin protection and it helps the foundation to stay in place. Also, don't apply too much because our face will be oily.

I'm sure most of you will have an oily skin problem. I can't deny. I had it too and I had no idea on how to solve it back then. Then, it will be the concealer to conceal the pigment and dark circles.

Next, will be the liquid foundation. Shake it well, especially if it is a mineral based foundation. Another thing that I learned from this workshop is, you have to apply the primer and foundation downwards.

Do make sure to find a foundation, which suits your face so you will not look awkward. Your face might end up being too whitish or too dark compared to your neck and hands.

Foundation works as a dust and sun protection. It evens out the skin tone. It also covers and conceals small flaws and blemishes.

Next is loose powder or two-way cake. This is important to set the foundation. To control the oil and have a long-lasting makeup. It also mattifies your face base and to avoid the cakey face at the end of the day.

Now that the face base is ready so we can move to the eyes. For eyeshadow, apply only to eyelid since it is a day makeup and we are trying to be as natural as we can. You can go for more if it is a night make up.

Since we are going for natural makeup so for the eyeshadow we can choose from either beige, light pink and gold or light brown.

Then for eyeliner, make it as thin as possible because it is a daytime makeup and we don't want to appear as if we have lots of makeup on our face. Eyeliner highlights the eye, sharpen and make your eye look bigger.

Next, curl your beautiful eyelashes and apply mascara to it. Not forgetting, the eyebrow is the most important assets on our face. Work on it and figure out which colour and shape suit your face the best.

The blusher is important to give our face the brightness and it beautify our face as it reddens the cheeks and it gives a healthy look to the skin. It makes our skin to look younger and it emphasizes the cheekbones.

The next part will be the fun part, as it involves highlighting and shading. Yes! Contouring! Highlight powder makes some parts of our face to be more emphasized and it gives the glowing effect.

Last but not least, apply lip essence to protect and moisturize the lips, apply a lipstick to colour the lips and beautify the lips and apply lip gloss for shiny lip finishing.

Overall, I really had fun in this workshop. As I did not only learn how to do my makeup, but I also learned how to repair the damages that I do to my face while I apply eyeliner or contour.

I also liked how I don't have to be afraid to apply the eyeliner or contour to my face as I know how to repair it now.

To those of you who want to learn on how to apply makeup with a proper tutor then you guys should head to iStyle Academy to get more information.

To those of you who are thinking how much it will cost, well it cost about RM399 and the original cost is about RM599. Yes, they have some really good promo going on right now! You might want to check it out! 

Call Venness Teh ( 016-566 5895) to get more and fast information on the promo! 

To those who want to head to the place directly here is the address:

2-3, Jalan Puturi4/6, Bandar Puturi Puchong, 
47100 Puchong, Malaysia

To know what type of services they offer then click here : i Style Academy Services

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