Sughamai Subbulakshmi (SSL)~ A Chaotic Emotional Ride!

I suppose we are pretty aware of Karthik Shamalan who loves to play with our emotions. Say love, fear or even disgust! He can provoke it and get us all traumatised for days.

At least, that's how it was for me.

It was nothing different in Sughamai Subbulakshmi (SSL). Only that, this time around, I was floating in a pool of sadness instead of being traumatised. Pure sadness. Thinking how life can change for us within a split second.

Sughamaai Subbulakshmi is about the life journey of a man who is full of passion. The story embarks as he starts to ponder on the importance of the right care and love in order to succeed in life.

The movie will be highlighting the current dilemma faced by majority youngsters in identifying the importance of passion and love in life.

The movie has mostly newcomers and upcoming talented actors such as Saresh D7(Inni Vendam song fame), Punitah Shanmugam, Bhagya Arivuckarasu, Kuben Mahadevan (Jagat fame), G Crack Karnan (Geethayin Raadhai fame).

The genre of this film might be a very cliche genre but the focus of the film and the flow of the film is a contrast to what we are aware of.

Sughamai Subbulakshmi consists of 3 different phases of a man where his life story will be portrayed from the perspective of 3 girls.

The unexpected twist and turns in this movie are what will intrigue us and also will keep us captivated throughout the movie.

What makes this movie to be very close to our heart is that the story is very realistic and most of us would be able to relate the movie to ourselves at most scenes.

The touch of love is shown in so many ways that we will be impressed and some might end up tearing. It also evokes lots of memories.

Music by both Shameshan Mani Maran and Neroshen are a winner. The energetic and soothing Aasai Keetanai's song by Shameshan is a must watch just for the mindblowing visuals.

Saritiram Padaitidu and Latchiyam Kaitoda by Neroshen gives you some kind of energy to accomplish something. I lost it completely during Nyaayamthana by Shameshan (That's when I entered the pool of sadness)!

Not to forget, that this movie won two awards which are Best Director, Karthik Shamalan and Best Actress, Punitah Shanmugam.

Sughamai Subbulakshmi (SSL)~ A Chaotic Emotional Ride!  

P.S Please don't forget to bring tissue with you and ladies do wear waterproof makeup. *Just in case you know.

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