Instagram Got Disabled Clarification and Crappy Blogger's Kaala Giveaway Winners!

It's time to clarify few issues which have been happening lately. To those of you who thought that I ran away to the Maldives after deactivating my Instagram account,
well I too wish that I did run away to the Maldives after deactivating my account, but no. Read 2 to know what happened.

1. Kaala Giveaway was a success but due to the problem which happened to my Instagram account [Read 2], I had to freeze the giveaway at where I collected the data. One good thing is I jotted down each and every entry that I received.

2. So what truly happened is, a fake account used my picture as their Instagram display picture and as their Instagram post. As a normal human being, I reported that account and even my friends and followers reported that account after seeing my post on Insta story.
My account got disabled at 1pm on 4/6/2018. So that is when many thought I ran away to the Maldives. Instead, I actually sat and tried to figure things out for days. Till this second it is still vain.
The funny part is that fake account was also disabled when mine got disabled but now that account is up and running. Mine is still dead.

3. Well, I am not at all devastated for losing all the19.2 k followers within split seconds. I so didn't hug my pillow and cry like a baby kayyyy. Yet, I feel bad because all of this havoc is happening during Crappy Blogger's Kaala Giveaway.

4. Winners will be announced at the end of this post.  Yes, I got about 32 entry within a day! Love all of you my dearest followers for being very supportive towards my giveaway.

5. The winners of Crappy Blogger's Kaala Giveaway areeeee...

Wait a minute. I am not done with my clarification. Since tragedy happened to my Instagram so I added one more pair to my Giveaway. Which means instead of 2 pairs, it is now 3 pairs!

Congratulations. I will see all of you on 7th of June at NU Sentral for Kaala 9 pm show 
Also, I will come back on Instagram but definitely not anytime now. Thanks to those who messaged me personally asking what happened to my Instagram. Love you all 

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