I Truly Suffered to Create My First Lookbook!

I am back! It has been a while since I last rant about my life. As I was focusing on the side of life and I gave writing a break.

A lot of you gave great comments on my first lookbook. Here is the revelation on how much I truly suffered to just create A LOOKBOOK!!

So I was handed this project a month back before Deepavali and since every project due is only after 2 weeks time I was rather relaxed (Little did I know *facepalm)

The problem started when Deepavali was nearing and I had only 1 week time to get the pictures and to start writing.

I tried to get my usual photographer to get the pictures done but I couldn't get a right timing with him as he was equally packed like me.

Since we couldn't compromise on the time, I had to delay the project. 2 weeks passed. I went back hometown for Deepavali.

Came back and it was already the third week and I was questioned by my PR on the progress. Thankfully, they understood, since it is a lookbook so I truly need a photographer to publish my blog.

They gave me more time and this time I stopped taking things for granted.

I tried to set a date with my photographer. Again, he went back to hometown and won't be back to KL till the fourth week.

I waited patiently. He was back. We finally plan to meet one day and I prepared the theme, location and all. We were supposed to meet at 10 am and wrap up by 12 pm.

10 am and he wasn't there.

Then he told me that he will be there by 11. I had to cancel the shoot as I had an appointment at sharp 12 pm.

Feeling all disappointed that I couldn't settle the project on time and of course now that I was given extra time, I couldn't get the pictures.

I was under depression for days and one day I woke up and started to hunt for photographers. Like a mad woman.

I am someone who can't work with random people as I am truly picky when it comes to my photographer. Most of the time, it is just my besties or siblings or bloggers who take my picture.

Finally, I got a close friend of mine who owns a DSLR to help me out. Another problem arose. We couldn't meet due to her packed schedule and she stays really far from KL.

While I thought I am finished, that's when I started finding for real photographers. Found one. He was messed up. Found another. He was busy flirting with me.

Then I realised. It is not easy to get yourself a photographer. You need a real connection with this person. He or she must truly get what you want in that image or how you want yourself to be portrayed.

The connection must be there.

Finally, I found Logen Manogaran, a brother who I have always had a very close connection with. He is an excellent photographer and he has his very own way of visualising things.

Not knowing if he will be willing to help me out, I asked him out of desperation. Finally, after hunting for 1 week I found someone who could help me out.

Next time I handle a project like this, I will make sure to train my boyfriend to be able to take a good picture of me. I can't do this hunting anymore. Too much to handle. Seriously!

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