My First Lookbook (Korea V Neck Slim Fit Dress) ~ LeBelle 18 Boutique

After a month wait finally, I am able to create my lookbook. What is a lookbook? Many asked.

I was only able to answer, "It's just me wearing a stunning outfit and posing like as if I am a Victoria Secret model".

At least that's how I wish it to be. LOL!! A lookbook is a set of photographs displaying a fashion designer's new collection, assembled for marketing purposes.

Many asked where I shop since I have a very small frame. Petite, I call it. To be honest Korean fashion suits my body and I also can fit in H&M and Cotton On's S size.

There are certain brands which are a no-no for me. Their S is an XL for me. I hope they won't read this.

Here I have picked two lovely dresses from LeBelle 18 Boutique an online shop.

 LeBelle 18 Boutique has a very classy collection and though some are pre-order you really don't have to wait for a month plus to get your orders.

The one I am wearing here is called as Korea V Neck Slim Fit Dress. As you can see my figure is screaming out loud naturally. To be honest you can't see my figure when I wear other slim fits.

The way the dress is being put together and the way it wraps around my body naturally shows my body shape without me making any extra effort.

I am an Indian and I don't want my parents to chase me from my house so I clipped the V neck so I will not be revealing anything precious to the world.

You can see how low the V cut neck truly is in the link Korea V Neck Slim Fit Dress.

The dress is rather decent and the cut at the end spices it up and makes the entire dress to be a great evening dress for any function.

The material is polyester and I am not a fan of polyester but this design is not something I like to miss just because it is a polyester. You have to handle this dress extra careful.

It comes in different sizes but only in one colour. The price of this dress is RM 83.00.

If you would love to purchase this then click Korea V Neck Slim Fit Dress and if you want to check for more varieties then head to LeBelle 18 Boutique!

For more Information:

 LeBelle 18 Boutique!

Photos are taken by Logen Manogaran 

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