Engineer Turned into Baker For Passion~ The Cakecologist

Failing to bake as a kid did not stop Loshini from keep trying it. Eventually, what started as a stress reliever became a profession. She kept exploring and experimenting with the ingredients and The Cakecologist happened! 

1. Why baking and how it started?

It all started when I was young, I have been a chocolate lover and I liked baking. So I started to follow my mom’s recipe books and tried to bake but I often failed. Even though I am a person with an engineering background academically, I was surprised to know and feel that I developed a passion for baking. 

2. When did you decide to make it as one of the career choices? 

Once I have graduated and started my career in the engineering field, I was not really much into 8-5 job so I started to use baking as a method of a stress reliever after work. Baking really makes me happy, so imagine if it turns out to be my actual job. So I thought why not turn my passion into a profession and this is where I started to go for baking courses to enhance my skills.

3. What are the struggles you’re going through now as an engineer and as a baker? 

The struggle I’m going through is basically the time managing part. I find it really hard to segregate my time when it comes to work and cake orders especially when there are more than one orders to be delivered in one day.

4. Have you had any interesting incident with a customer? 

Well, I had a customer who has been in a relationship for 7 years ordered a cake for her boyfriend. She was so concerned about the cake and literally texted me every hour for 3 days to make sure that her cake was made according to what she requested. At first, it was kinda annoying, but then I realized how sweet it is knowing a person being like that as they wanted the very best for their partner. Finally, she was so satisfied with the cake and sent me a voice note saying how much she loved it.

5. What do you bake?

Varieties of customized Conventional Cakes for all occasions (Vege & Non-Vege) 

Varieties of Continental Cakes for all occasions (Vege & Non-Vege)

Varieties of Tarts (Non-Vege)

Varieties of Brownies (Vege & Non-Vege)

6. What are the major highlights? 

The main highlights of my cakes are varieties of eggless cakes. I love doing a lot of researches on my ingredients and try out new recipes especially when it comes to vegan cakes. I’ll try experimenting using different ingredients to get the taste that I feel right. Well, this is how I came up with the name The Cakecologist!

7. What made you keep going as a baker despite the current pandemic that has hit us? 

I love the look on someone's face when they take that first bite and find out it does taste as good as it looks. Well during the lockdown while we had many restrictions on travelling, I actually used these time to try out a few recipes while working from home. I was really happy that I get to experiment with new flavours such as earl grey tea, mixed berries, Pandan Gula Melaka flavoured cakes and etc. I will add these flavours to my menu soon.

8. What is your aim in future? 

My aim, for now, is to open my very own bakery and concentrate on my passion and then completely turn it into my profession one day. I hope I could achieve this whilst improving my personal baking skills so that I could also plan on franchising my business in the future.

   Crappy Blogger's Cake Review Time

I tried the Cakelogist Pink Ombre Cake with Buttercream Frosting. I usually don’t go for Buttercream cakes but ever since I tried The Cakecologist buttercream cake, I am a huge fan now. I did ask her why other Buttercream cakes taste too oily and she explained that the quality of the butter used matters. This shows how high the quality of the butter she used in the cake.  

The cake was moist and the cream was extremely delicious. It satisfied my sweet cravings for sure! As she believed, the cake was beautiful on the outside and delicious in the inside. 

Also, don’t forget to try one of her bestseller Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting! Thank me later ❤️

She also caters for all kinds of occasions but book beforehand ya ✨

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