1 Advice That My Counseling Teacher Gave Me and It Changed My Life!

I was 16 then. While my counselling teacher advised me to sit properly, walk like a girl, listen to your parents and a lot more, which I failed to listen too, she also shared this one advice that helped me a lot now.

This advice works for every single situation. Say in a relationship or at the workplace or even when you're with your friends.

Listen more and talk less. 

Yes, that's it. It is as simple as that. Where exactly it changed my life is, as soon as I started to listen more and talk less, I learned more. 

Why You Should Listen More and Talk Less?

1. I Learned More

At a point of time, due to blog work, I met a lot of people who are way older and experienced in the field I am. Of course, I was shy to lead the conversation then and I am glad now that I didn't hold the conversation. The number of things they discussed and shared was mind-blowing. 

No amount of money in the world could have gotten me so much info on whatever they shared. That's when I noticed that I actually learn a lot when I listen more and talk less. 

So everywhere I go, I started to mix with people who are way elder than me though I have my friends around. Each session became more and more educative and my knowledge on a lot of things increased. 

Imagine talking to someone who has more than 10 years of experience in a field? It is like me spending a few hours of mine and learning so many things that I can never learn on Google or on School book. Not to forget, it was for FREE!!

2. I Learned Empathy 

This is when I am with my friends. I realised that most of the time, I always dominate a conversation even when my friend has something to share. I felt bad when I realised it. So I started listening to her more and that's when I got closer to her. 

I had no idea that my friend was going through so much until I started listening to her. It took some time for her to open up that's why I had no idea about whatever she was going through before that. It made us get closer than we already are. 

3. I Identified Toxic People  

People who talk about others might talk about you behind your back. Don't trust them. Don't keep them close to you.  I have nothing much to say on this now because I have written an article on Why You Should Avoid Toxic People? 

So read the article maybe? Then you will realise why I am not saying much here. Haha

4. Made my Business Better 

I realised, the more I talk to my clients who took social media guide class from me, the more I understand the problem they are facing when it comes to social media. As much as I teach them how to handle their social media and stuff, it is very important for me to know where and what exactly is stopping their growth on social media. 

So them sharing their experiences when it comes to how they handle their business social media was one thing I always made sure to know. After I listened to the problems they are facing, I was able to give an immediate solution and my clients feel so much more relieved compared to how they were before the class. This made both party happy!

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