Athu Unnode Perechene ~ "That's Your Problem"

-I started using the word myself, "That's your problem." And I got relieved from so many unnecessary attachments.- 

I am proud to admit that I came from a very decent household. We were not allowed to use a lot of words as we were growing up. Trust me, simple words like, "stupid" can put you in a lot of trouble if you were raised in my house. 

Probably because I was raised in a safe environment, I grew up not exposed to this word, "That's your problem." or in Tamil "athu unnode perechene".

Such a simple word yet you won't believe how much impact it truly creates in someone's life. Especially in mine. 

When my friend used those sentences to me as a joke,  I was confused and hurt. How can something be my problem only when it involves that person and me? Then I understood that it can. 

We live in a world where we have to "take full responsibility for our actions." I finally understood on how I can utilise that word for my own good, "athu unnode perechene".

You hate me? 

You don't like me? 

You don't like my progress? 

You don't like me living my life just the way I want it?

ATHU UNNODE PERECHENE! That's your problem.

I will never deny, when somebody gossips about me or I happen to find someone who hates me, I will be very disturbed for days. What did I do? I was nice to that person. In fact, I wouldn't even have talked to some of them.

When I learned this word, I started to apply it in my life. That's your problem if you hate me. Whatever feelings you have for me is really NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

If the fact that "I don't have a child after 5 years of being married, not married even though I am 35, and haven't settled down though I can" is actually bothering you. Again, that's not my problem. Whatever that has been bothering is your problem. Not mine.

I am living my life my way, I am not doing anything wrong and most importantly I have never cared about your existence in this world. So yeah. 

You won't believe how focused I got and how strong I felt when I started seeing things this way. It feels like almost nothing can break me. 

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