A Random Question Box on 'Toxic GF' Made Some Women to Share Their Story and the Stories are Gruesome and Heartbreaking!

As I was scrolling through Tik Tok, I found this video where Chris GQ Perry beautifully explained how some of the girls were not toxic before the man hurt them. Some of them became toxic after the man mistreats them.


You can't hurt a woman several times and expect her to still love you the same. 💯 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral

♬ original sound - Chris GQ Perry

I personally was able to relate to the video hence I shared it on my Insta Story. Out of curiosity, I also inserted polls asking if they agree with him. I also added a question box and asked if anyone of them wish to share their story.

To my surprise, a number of women came out and shared their story with me privately. With their permission, I shared their story. It was rather heartbreaking to read some of their stories as most of it was gruesome. Some of them were even suicidal when they were facing it. 

These are just a few stories of those who were brave enough to share. Personally, even though I went through the same situation and I was suicidal but I am still unable to collect the courage to share whatever happened to me. I don't think I will ever be as brave as these women are. 

This sharing made other girls realise and understand that they are not alone. Those women did not only share the hard time they went through but they also shared how they left the toxic relationship and focused on self-healing. This inspired some girls.

Hence, I am making this random IG Story question box answer as an article so those helpless will know that it is not too late to get out of whatever is drowning them.  

Disclaimer: I am not putting any gender down. I understand that abuse happens to both male and female. Not all males are bad. I do have seen a number of happily married couples. 

This is just some women sharing their real-life experience on a topic focused on "Guys labelling their Girlfriend "Toxic" while there is another side to a story". Hence, don't kecam me, please. 


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