Aaradhana ~Behind Every Successful Man Is A Great Woman

Aaradhana a product by Velarasan Morrthy a well-known host and a magnificent singer. He is mostly known for his amazing cover songs which you can check on his facebook page. Though he has already captured many people's heart with his cover song, he finally made a drastic move by releasing his very first song " Aaradhana" composed by Varmman Elangkovan who recently released a heart throbbing song titled "Thirumbhi Paaradhi".

Aaradhana song was kept a secret and was only released together with the music video which was brilliantly directed by Viknish Lokarag Asokan, who recently directed a music video title "Idhayam Parithaai". He is also a promising short film director who have released two amazing product which is Arindhum Ariyamaluma and Neatru Aval Irundhal. His upcoming short film which is going to be released soon is Thiruvin Manggai and the teaser has already gone super viral. The DOP and editor for this beautiful music video are Sharveswaraa Naidu.

Aaradhana will play with most people's emotions and make them prepare themselves to cry out loud at the end of the video but something unexpected will happen. What? Watch the video to know more. Not to forget, the number of kicks and slaps Vela got in this video from Kritigah Kayal, the main female cast, though. LOL!

The song was really soothing and mesmerizing. Guess what's on repeat on my track list now? Haha. Velarasan can sing real well and that's something known by many but he also can melt your heart with his voice is something I got to know after watching the music video. The lyrics of the song was brilliantly written. Every line was thoughtful and beautiful.

The fact that there were too many scenes in this music video, I felt like I watched a two hours full film within 6.23 minutes. It was surprising and refreshing to see many upcoming and well-known artists like Bala Ganapathi Wiliam, Tiban, Ztish, Gcrak Karnan, Shashtan V,  Kumaresh, Velan and Mugen Rao to make a special appearance in this music video.

Overall, let's hope that the effort of these three "V's", Velarasan Morrthy, Viknish Lokarag Asokan, and Varmman Elangkovan will lead to a great result! I'm seeing it as a huge success already. Hoping to see more products of all of you.

Watch the video here:

~A Good Product Will Always Find It's Way To The Public~

Picture Credits: Took it from the video without permission. Sorry. :p

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