Bahubali:The Conclusion Trailer Review! Why Katappa killed Bahubali?!

Yes, today two most awaited news got released, SPM results and also Bahubali trailer. To be honest, I forgot most of Bahubali's content as I watched it in 2015. When I saw Ramya Krishnan I was like, "What is she doing in Bahubali?"

Then I recalled that she was one of the main lead and her opening scene in Bahubali 1 where she emerges from a cave adjoining a big waterfall, carrying a baby. She kills the soldiers pursuing her and sacrifices herself to save the baby by holding the baby up over the surface of the water while she herself drowns was one of the most talked about scene.

The most shocking scene in Bahubali 2 trailer is the appearance of Anushka being super young as in Bahubali 1 she was super old. Therefore, from the trailer, I can conclude that first half is going to be on Shiva claiming his throne and most of it will be on flashback and also on why Katappa killed Bahubali and the second half will be about how Shiva is going to get back the kingdom. *Brain working at its best right now on assumption!

It looked liked Tamanna was definitely missing in the trailer but nope she actually made a few seconds appearance in a war scene. Which means we will still get to see Tamanna in Bahubali 2. All characters remained the same. No tremendous change of heroin or add ups can be found through the trailer so far.

In conclusion, I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH BAHUBALI: THE CONCLUSION! Why Katappa killed Bahubali?! Whyyyyy???



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  4. I am very excited to Bahubali 2 Movie.I am Weating for This Movie.......