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After all the Thailand's heart-wrenching ads, this must be one of the Tamil short films which made my eyes to shed streams of tears.

Thirai is about how the main lead discloses something which has been troubling him for all his life. The ending of this lovely short film is how the father will perceive the son's disclose.

The writer and director, Huumessh Gunaseelan knows exactly on how to play with the audience's emotions. The dialogues were also well thought and well written.

Though the short film was shorter than expected but they used the 4.55 minutes wisely by showing everything you need to see on that particular story. Nothing was dissatisfying because every detail was on point.

From him ( Ravindren) using a Malaysian made car to show that he is slightly settled though not well settled to he having 4 siblings including him and he is the eldest in the family. Also not to forget, they also showed the house environment being rich with culture and love but not money.

The cast of Thirai is R.S. Raja, Ravin Rao Santheran, Gunaseelan Arumugam, Raageteshwaary, S. Daneshwaran, Rinisha and Huumessh Gunaseelan. The D.O.P is Daniel Revu. Editing and music were done by Irwin Pereira. Assistant director is Thiruvaluvan and designs are by  Chaudhry Rao.

Crews are Rachel Sigamani, Daneshvaran, Meyshna Rao. The producer of Thirai is  Gunaseelan Arumugam and executive producer is Ravindran Rajendran. Last but not least,  Thirai was written and directed by Huumessh Gunaseelan.

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