Work While They Sleep.. 13/1/2018

Today started off with Meena breaking the room into two. I am not kidding. She was late to work and she freaked out to the core.

I shall say I was rather enjoying it as I was just on the bed chanting "Please sleep, CJ." It was 5.40 am by the way.

As usual, I came to senses with The Ninja Van calling me and asking if I am home and able to collect 'the most wanted parcel' that I was looking forward to.

Glad that I was home. It was my first parcel since I moved to a new place. I had no idea how things work in a condominium.

How does the delivery guy get to your home? Will they get the access since my condominium is 'a little strict'?

I was answered when I heard the calling bell. It's the delivery guy!! I ran like an excited 5 years old kid who is going to get an ice cream from the ice cream shop.

Yes, The Signature Market parcel IS HERE! It was my breakfast in nuts and granola form actually. The first thing I did is to grab my scissors, cut it and TRY IT ALL.

I purchased about 11 packets of nuts and granola's so I actually had my breakfast by just trying all of it. Loved it all. Hopefully, I will get time to review all of it soon.

Then, my excitement completely got washed off when I start to think of what should I be doing today? I hate that question which often comes to my mind due to my workaholic brain.

The urge to make every day a productive day is always there! Why? What's with my brain? After cursing myself, I started working on posting some stuff on my social media.

I love starting my day that way rather than working on paperwork or by studying. I am still perplexed by the fact that I am still studying.

When I was 16 I told myself that by 22 I will get my degree and I will start working at the age of 23. Laughing out loud now. Let's not forget that I even planned to get married at the age of 25. *Blushes

Just for the record, I am 24 this year. *hair flips

I was in my comfort working zone which is rare and I had to leave it because I had a food review session at Koenigii.

My my. It was a Nasi Kandar and I had almost everything on my plate. From chicken, egg, mutton kurma, mutton sambal, squid, huge prawn, anchovies and due to the guilt I took one type of vegetable.

It was a feast indeed! I will be blogging about Koenigii real soon.

The day was just super lovely with lovely people's companion. I met all of them for the first time and I came out of my shell, I shall say.

Came home all exhausted. You will not have any idea how exhausting it is to make a conversation when you're an introvert. Got my fair share of sleep and now I am working while most people are sleeping.

Work while they sleep, learn while they party, save while they spend, live while they dream.

Just believe that one day all the efforts that you have been making will pay off.

One day. 

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