How to Achieve Your Goals Easily?


For someone who always faces downfalls in her life, to rise up and achieve my goals in short period of time is not hard at all.

Years of suffering led me to figure out a formula on "How to achieve my short-term or long-term goals easily" and here I am about to share it with you.

First, let me share with you a scenario.

First scenario:

So you're taking a train to go home. Your stop is at Damai but you did not get down at Damai.

Instead, you're always missing your stop. You always end up travelling to Gombak or even Kelana Jaya at times but never at Damai.

Now tell me, how you will ever get to go home if you always miss your stop which is Damai?

Now, think Damai as your life goal, say short-term or long-term.

Stop investing your time by going to Gombak or Kelana Jaya. Put your heart, mind and soul to reach Damai.

Don't get it?

Gombak and Kelana Jaya are the distractions you have in your life. Instead of putting your heart, soul and mind to reach your life goal, if you are investing your time by entertaining the distractions in your life, then how will you ever reach your life goal?


Always have your life goals as your main focus. While still being intact to what you are supposed to do in life (handling distractions), make sure that you are always walking towards your life goals.

 Never put a halt to your life goal path then you will never reach home ( you will never reach your life goals).

Most people will be waiting for "The Right Time" to start heading to their life goal. The bitter truth is "The Right Time" will never come.

So start now and decide what your life goal is. Walk towards it. Reach home my dear pies.

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