Second Lookbook (Chiffon Korea Maxi Dress) ~ LeBelle 18 Boutique


Yes! The second lookbook is up now! Introducing Chiffon Korea Maxi Dress!

This one elegant dress is my favourite as the length of the dress is just nice for my height. Since I am "petite." I love to wear long dresses but usually, the length of the dress is too long for me.

This dress which came all the way from Korea fits me just nice, say the size of it and also the length of it. Felt like it was customised just for me to be honest.

This particular dress comes in different colour and sizes. I personally love dark colours so I chose blue. They also have red, yellow and white.

The neck of this dress is a V neck and they have a lock stitched at the neck part so it is not too low for me.

The lower part of this dress has a beautiful cut which opens up if you want it to be that way. I find this particular can be worn as a normal dress or it also can be used as a cardigan.

Which I did use it as a cardigan in one of the events that I attended and boy I loved it!

The material is chiffon and it's so soft that I really love this material on my skin. One comfortable piece which keeps me cool all the time.

The price of this precious is RM115.00. Not to forget! A great news to you shopaholics or even to those who are planning to purchase from Lebelle 18 Boutique!

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