Neeyum Naanum ~ Heart Wrenching

Neeyum Naanum's first half is a good mixture of humour and it takes you on a journey of a mediocre love story and the second half bashes everything up and leaves you with one question ~ Why?

Why is this even happening to them? The depressed Oviya and the perfect husband Karthik must have won most of our heart. To travel with them to the second half was rather a painful journey. 

Synopsis (Spoiler alert)

Karthik tries to woo Oviya and finally when he won Oviya's heart and when he gets the blessings from Oviya's parents they will take it to the next level. Marriage. (Spoiler alert) Being an Alzheimer patient with a painful past makes Oviya travel back and forth with her memory. 

To realise everything at one point, Oviya could no longer hold on to it even though the choice is not hers or his. What happens in the end? How Karthik will retrieve everything back and take his full rights on Oviya as the rightful husband? Will he ever get to do it? Is what makes Neeyum Naanum a very heart wrenching and yet a meaningful movie. 

Reason Why You Should Be Watching Neeyum Naanum

1. The Sexual Harassment scene

Sexual Harassment is a no joke! Yet, in Neeyum Naanum we could see how Oviya handled it smartly and Sathia sir who played the manager character nailed it big time by inducing so much of humour despite not moving from his character as a pervert. 

Yet, in the second half, the manager stopped being one after knowing that Oviya got married. I like how they showed such a serious issue in a light-hearted manner. I was able to enjoy all the scenes and I truly believe many especially the younger generation needs to be educated about this issues. 

Many need to know that sexual harassment happens and it is not our fault and if it goes beyond a certain level then the employee should be brave enough to say no. It was shown bravely in Neeyum Naanum when Oviya no longer wants to shake hand with the manager as she feels uncomfortable. Even in that scene, I was laughing out loud. 

Sexual harassment includes many things. (Taken from What is Sexual Harassment)

· Unwanted deliberate touching (Shown in Neeyum Naanum movie scenes)
· Unwanted sexual looks or gestures ( Shown in Neeyum Naanum movie scenes)
· Actual or attempted rape or sexual assault.
· Unwanted pressure for sexual favours.

2. Bala Ganapathy as Karthik the Perfect Husband

When Karthik was single he didn't actually catch my attention but as Oviya's husband, right after knowing that Oviya has Alzheimer, everything he did caught my heart and soul. 

There will be a part (spoiler alert) when Oviya's Alzheimer is at a serious level, she involuntarily urinates without any realisation in front of her parents and Karthik will quickly react. What he does will make you fall in love with Karthik again and again till the end of the movie and even after the movie.

Which leads it to the next person

3. Jasmine the Oviya

Even from the beginning till the end Oviya will not move from her character where she will be depressed about her past life. In the second half, when she played as an Alzheimer character, we could feel her pain like as if it is happening to someone we knew so well. 

Say when she cried knowing that she will eventually forget her own husband and when she travelled back and forth while in the attempt to remember things. It was one of the most devastating moment and everything was too real. I was too caught up to her character to a point where I wanted to be there to help her.

4. Kavitha and KK Khanna

Apart from Oviya and Karthik, it was Kavitha's and KK Khanna's love story in Neeyum Naanum which moved me. Again they showed one of the most painful and quite a taboo story beautifully. 

Felt like their story got hanging as I really wanted to know what happened to them in the end and of course, I want a happy ending.

5. Kaamesha 

I shall say that she was my personal favourite apart from all I have mentioned above. I loved her bold, loud and rebellious character. Kaamesha and her mother's character suited each other really well. Not to forget, how much her scene made almost everyone in the cinema to laugh out loud.

6. Cinematography

Most scenes caught my heart where it was so admirable. They have put so much effort in showing a completely different environment which made me wonder if the places were really in Malaysia. The shots were too beautiful even though I felt it was a little blur at some scenes.

7. Most talked about Varmman Elangkovan's music

The songs were out even before the release of the movie and " En Swasame" made Neeyum Naanum to be in the must-watch list. Hard to deny, apart from the beautiful shots and story, the music enhanced the experience of the movie. 

Where you fall in love 10 times deeper and cry 10 times harder as Varmman Elangkovan's music accompanies you. 


Overall, Neeyum Naanum will make you laugh out loud with KK Khanna and Arun Kumaran's non-stop mischief. Mesmerising shots by Soma Kanthan. Perfect editing by Ramses Rao. Heart stealing music by Varmman Elangkovan. Brilliantly directed by BGW. Heartbreaking scenes by the couple Oviya and Karthik who will make sure that you leave the cinema with watering eyes. 

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