Enrico's Very First Deepavali Video Will Definitely Make You To Cry!

Being Indian you must be well aware of the " Pachai thinne manje mudi, Pachai thinne manje mudi" Enrico's ad which is playing even now in Raaga and Minnal FM!

This year, Enrico's made a new effort to come up with their very first Deepavali video, 'Experience Kumar's Memories'.

One thing which caught my eye is Enrico's didn't make this video solely to marketise their brand but they won our heart instead.

They came up with a very heartwarming video where it will not only make you cry but you will be spending a few minutes or even hours reminiscing your childhood. 

Yes! Your childhood! It was one of the best things which have happened in all of our lives right? Especially, when we grew up in an estate with chicken and cow roaming around us. 

Enrico's made an amazing attempt so we can revisit all of our close to heart moments through a lovely video on boy's memory of his childhood. Even if you have never had such a childhood, you will still be nostalgic about lots of things.


So what this video is all about? It is about how a family celebrate their Deepavali together despite all the mischievous act done by the kids. 

While the journey of celebrating Deepavali take place, the things they do will definitely make you go all 'aww' to see the things you have not seen in ages like stealing an egg from the chicken coop, cycling to town and spending the entire day playing outside, stealing the Muruku which mother has hidden somewhere in the kitchen and many more.

This video by Enrico's also reminds us that Deepavali will always be different when our parents guide us on how to follow our tradition, teach us on what are our cultured values and also on how to celebrate Deepavali compared to how we celebrate it on our own.

It is our duty to pass down the knowledge we got from our parents so the future generation will still have the old sentimental touch and the memory of our parents will never fade.

The video becomes very touching on the second half when the kids who are now a grown-up try to rebuild the old house and give a life to the old memories.

Will they manage to bring back the old golden memories again? That is for you to know by watching this video!

Watch the video here: 

Happy Deepavali to all from Enrico's

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