Althea Christmas Wish List!

Christmas is just around the corner and being a non-christian, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Say the Christmas movies, the Christmas tree also the Christmas gift! Everything excites me!!

This time around I planned to send my Christmas Wish List to Althealand instead to the North Pole.

I wanted the pore cleanser as it is cool. *flips hair. Alright, being honest it is for my content as I really want to tell my readers if the pore cleanser works. Also, because I am having big time real-life issues with pores. Hectic life means less time to do some home remedy. I really want to find an easy solution to my growing bigger clogged pores while solving the blackhead issues.

Well, I have never used a primer in my life before. *crickets sound along with puppy face. Seriously! I am not even kidding. I have heard a lot about primers and I have always wanted to get one since I have issues with pores. I suppose my wish is soon to be fulfilled. 

Though I don't need the concealer, apparently my entire forehead needs it. For someone who is constantly under stress (I am a student who does assignments), I get acne and they leave after scarring my face. While I have a foundation covering my bare skin, the scars are still very badly visible. Hence, it's time to cover those flaws as well. 

I have taken a new vow this year. I am going to play with eyeshadows rather than just the boring makeup. Hence, all of these eyeshadow addicts have started recently. I believe I will be getting more types of eyeshadows then just this baby on top here. 

I am quite a sleeping mask freak. I always use a natural olive oil as a night mask and sleep. Now I am going to try the real product out there which is prepared solely as a night mask. I believe when a product is prepared for a specific function then it will be added with more benefits than the natural DIY we use. 

When you come home after a long day, all you need is a quick way to remove your makeup and a nice hot shower. To just massage till the makeup melts away sounds like me. Just exactly what I love to do. As I like the makeup to leave my face after I scrub it out, if not I won't feel satisfied at all. 

This product must have really raised the standards of all beauty products. I have always had my eye on this as it is rather different from all the basic product we know off. Really am curious to know how it works and all as I have read a lot of amazing reviews on it and I am forever waiting to try it!.

As much as I really need a good primer, I am really attracted to this product due to its packaging and also the reviews. The reviews are amazing. In fact, the before and after pictures are unbelievable. How do we know if the product is really good? We have to try it on our own!!

I am a little lacking when it comes to using the skincare in the right order. I am a fan of toner now and I do want to be a fan of serum. Definitely a little excited to try this brand. Plus, knowing that I have new friends visiting me like WRINKLES so I really have to get my hands on a good serum. 

This Holiday edition definitely fail to pull my attention. Since I am quite crazy about eyeshadows so it will be a win-win situation to review and play with a new product. Though I have yet to see the colours they have to offer but it is Laneige so I have high trust in them.

So these are my 10 products which I wish to get from the Altheland instead of North Pole! 

If you want to check out other product of theirs then you should head to https://my.althea.kr/ now! 

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