Althea x Titi Kamal ~ Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist

Perfume is all I know when it comes to using a fragrance related product. While exploring for a new option I saw Althea's Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist and decided to give it a shot.

This body mist is rather exclusive because Althea collaborated with Titi Kamal and launched The Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist.

This body mist is a sparkling mix of sweet orange and peach, followed by an ever-graceful echo of rosy floral notes. Not overbearingly strong, this gentle perfume lingers on the body for a long-lasting scent.

It also has a non-sticky formula that feels comfortable on the skin, and it embodies the elegance and beauty of Titi in a bottle, perfect for the urban femme.

Who is Titi Kamal?

Titi Kamal the Indonesian star.
With her long, dark hair as her trademark, Titi is a successful actress, fashionista and beauty lover setting trends all across Asia.

Inspired by her stylish yet comfortable style, Althea is introducing this elegant, fresh and sweet daily Body Mist as a collaboration with TITI KAMAL!

What makes Althea's Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist different?

-This fresh daily body mist fits with any style, from a classy romantic look to an everyday casual.

-A non-sticky body mist usable as an elegant perfume as it leaves a fresh fragrance on the body

-A floral fruity fragrance that is gentle and long-lasting.

-After washing the body, spray the product lightly on the body before going out. Take it with you everywhere and spray occasionally as fits your lifestyle.

-Lightweight and portable packaging that fits easily in any handbag or purse

Key Ingredients

  • Damask rose water - Keeps the skin hydrated and gives a gentle fragrance 
  • Orange Flower extract - Refreshes the senses 
  • Elderflower extract - Cools and soothes the skin, while giving out a feminine scent

Personally, I like the fragrance as the thing you will smell is rose then the smell changes into something sweet, leaving a very sweet fragrance on your body. 

The first time I tried it, I mistakenly sprayed it on the shirt like as if I am using perfume and didnt last long. Then I sprayed on my body right after my bath and noticed the scent lasted way longer than before. 

Nothing to be surprised as that's how you use a body mist and I did it wrong the first time. Other than that, I also love how the spray sprays so evenly and covers a big area each time we spray. 

So, I usually just spray twice on my body and the scent last for a good two hours then I will touch up if I need it. 

It doesn't spray a huge chunk of liquid at one place which happens most of the time when I use some of my perfume. The packaging is also so elegant and beautiful. It is also being sold for RM 35.00.

For more information check out The Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist 

For more amazing product check out Althea and get the products to your doorstep all the way from Korea!

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