My Detox Journey

25 years of being born, I have never once taken a step to detox! What is detox? Detox ~ a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.

While diet is a thing to get rid of the fats from the body but detox is as equally important to cleanse your body from toxins. You can do this naturally by just adding lemon to your daily water intake or you can also get some detox juice like I just did recently.

I have never worried about my weight. Alright, maybe I had days where I was worried about it. Wait a minute, no I have always worried about my weight. Especially when I can't fit into my favourite dress anymore. I freak out!

Back then I used to have a very slim figure and no tummy. Now I have a slim figure with the tummy. Kin of a little extra on the tummy. I am glad that my daily activities where I go up and down the road made me keep a nice figure.

Yet, why didn't it help me to get rid of the tummy? Though I am burning my fat with my daily activities, it definitely is not enough to get rid of the toxins from my body.

For that to happen you have to hit the gym and sweat the toxin out which my hectic schedule will never allow me to do. Or you can do like me. I have chosen a detox juice which I have to just consume and I would be able to get rid of the toxins.

Now I am 43.2 kg. My journey on the detox will start this week and I have chosen Mintox detox as the detox juice.

Mintox contains uniqueness that can promote the digestive system, clear intestinal faecal impaction and toxins, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in order to improve the intestinal environment, enhance the patient's immune function, and ultimately cure intractable constipation. 

The Mintox juice has kiwi fruit enzyme extract, peace juice powder, inulin (probiotics), water-soluble fibre, Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae extract and stevia. The raw ingredients were extracted from New Zealand's top-quality green kiwifruit.

They help with weight loss, better skin and lower blood pressure. It also assists in balancing cholesterol levels. Expect improved general health. Mintox costs RM 138, and it comes in a box of 14 sachets. I have planned for 12 weeks.

I am looking forward to this detox journey.

If you wish to read about this detox head to @mintoxmalaysia. Mintox Facebook or contact +601123450201

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