Unbearable Pressure!

Too many big dreams, too many failures, too many disappointments despite all the achievements in life will give us at least a little impact even if we don't put it into our head.

For me, all of these disappointments gives me huge anxiety. I am always worried about my future. I am always unhappy though I have too many great projects to work with.

These projects that I am working on are my achievements yet I am still thinking about the things that I didn't achieve and adding more anxiety in my life.

I  couldn't figure things out. Why on earth I am feeling like this? Is it me or am I really a loser who achieved nothing in life?

I started reading a lot as usual so I can gain some insights about myself.

What I found gave me temporary relief and it created a path to the permanent solution.


I was working with amazing brands like Loreal, Shopee and Guardian yet I was so dissatisfied. It is because I wasn't being grateful for what happened.

I wasn't thanking the moment that happened to me. I knew long ago that I was lacking empathy. Gratitude too? Perplexed.

Then I took a second to myself and thought, "what on earth is gratitude? How on earth I do it?"

Well, honestly I am still working on my gratitude skills. Yet, I feel so much better than before and so much confident than ever.

Especially with the recession that is happening, I need my confidence the most right now.

How to show gratitude?

 Things will go wrong cause somehow life is full of ups and downs. Rather than complaining and feeling low, you can start seeing the positivity behind each problem.

Lost your job? Maybe, this is the time for you to explore yourself and get a better opportunity in life. Be grateful that it happened.

Quarantined and bored? Maybe, this is the time to start the blog you was always talking about *Learn how to start a blog with me (One to one online class). Hehehehe.

Maybe it is time to start your novel? Maybe its time to start the online business that you have always dreamed off.

All the things that have happened in your life, be thankful and show them your gratitude. Say thanks for each small help you're getting. Start looking at the other side of a coin and appreciate it.

Believe that everything happens for a good reason and God will never give a challenge that you can't handle.

Your perception about a lot of things will change and you will start having only good energy around when you start seeing everything with a grateful mind.

Remember creating a positive vibe is important. Showing gratitude makes you have so much positive energy within you and it gives you the courage to move on in life with great strength.

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  1. Yes, a complaining person reveals an ungrateful heart.
    Be grateful