Feminism Is A Dirty Word!- By A Cup of Zeal

I'm a big-time feminist! Sounds like a bad word, eh? But not quite, it just sounds so because so many of us are doing it wrong. Lately, I've been witnessing so many girls abusing the "system" by the name of feminism, so here goes.

What some people think feminism is:
1. Bad word. 
It is almost taboo to be a feminist in this society, once you tell someone you are a feminist, don't be afraid of the dirty look you're going to get next. Jeez, we are not murderers!

2. Equality to engage in any kind of immoral activities. 
Let me be blunt here, catcalling, drinking, smoking, meaningless sex, drugs, etc. (If you want to do it, you might as well do it but don't call it feminism, its called free will and has nothing to do with feminism). 

3. Being a public nuisance. 
Basically, everything I said above and more, just add drunk dancing on the streets and creating chaos in public. (These goes to everyone who does these regardless of the gender). 

4. Freeing boobs. 
What has this got to do with feminism anyway? Its a stark example of annoying citizens who think their idea of feminism is to challenge male testosterone and say guys are "gay" for liking pink or the need to argue that women are stronger than men, yet these citizens are the ones running around bra-less, clueless and brainless, also who wears skimpy tops not for their own fashion but to weep why that guy never checked me out or say I'm a gorgeous strong woman! My toes are laughing.

What feminism actually is:
1. Good word. 
This word was meant to create a revolution for good things to happen to women. 

2. Equality in job opportunities and salary.
When a man and a lady who has the same amount of work experience, education level and capability, the man will be given a higher salary and is most likely to get a promotion. Just because they are men. This needs to stop. 

3. Impartiality in doing household chores.
Whoever said cooking and cleaning are women's job? Last time, when men were the sole breadwinner of the family, the ladies stayed home to cook, clean, and take care of the children but now since women are also working hard to provide for the family, what's so wrong in dividing the chores equally? Both parties will be tired at the end of the day, if the chores are shared, burden will be lessened. And girls, this doesn't mean your man has to do all the chores... Him helping 50% or doing it all on your sick day, now that is equality. Do not and I repeat, do not sabotage or take advantage just because he is helping out. 

4. Fairness in terms of relationships; 
sure chivalry isn't and most certainly shouldn't be dead but make sure you meet your partner halfway and bring something to the table.

5. Not getting judged for the wrong reasons. 
Recently a video of a girl using profanities went viral and almost everyone trashed the girl but little did they know what triggered her. All they know is she is a girl and she is using abusive language, "okay let's start bashing her". What even? 

6. Stop victim-blaming.
A girl was raped, her fault. A girl used profanities, her fault. A girl was insulted by a man, her fault that she is "too sensitive because he was just joking", a girl gets bullied, her fault. Why I ask. Why are we blaming the victim instead of comforting her? Why aren't we going after the culprits? 

When does this rape stop? May it be physical, may it be speech, where do we draw the line? We talk openly and freely when men take advantage, we scream rape instead of telling them to knock it off. We don't recognize the potential of chauvinists, we don't educate people, we don't tell them; 'hey just because I'm working and come home late, I'm wild!" instead we tell them, 'I have a mouth to feed, a career to build so my husband don't have the burden of taking care of me and the kids, he just have to be my love, the rest is equally divided. Why is he obligated to buy me stuff and I don't do anything for him?! 


Why should men who pray to the goddess or worship his mom should look at an infant or toddler and think; 'oh that'll be a nice piece for me because they won't say no'. This stops when we redefine the women mentality of what feminist is. Stop pissing them off, start sharing values, manners, know to stop when he feels intimidated, stop calling him a wuss, or say that he cries like a girl. Why are we criticizing our own gender anyway, it's like bullying your own self!

You see, feminism started back in the 19th and early 20th centuries mostly for political reasons. However, there were also times where our kind fought for the right to vote, to study, to travel the world, so on and so forth that it is a shame to see what it has turned into today. 

Sure, we can wear whatever we want and do whatever we want, this is a free country after all and there's no harm in it. Seriously, what are we arguing for when some girls still get married in their childhood, get raped, groped and molested by their own family members, get sexually harassed at workplace and so goes the never-ending, ever-expanding list.

We don't need a chance... We need to show that we are strong. A woman can run a household of 10 people and go to work, 10 hands of structure, a man can definitely do the same if he is raised with equality. Ask your son to do chores, cook, have him know what respect is, what no actually means, not to get heartbroken over rejection, just move on and paint a healthy picture, that will come back ten folds as a man who will see you as an equal.

Feminism is not a man hating group of people who hold every single thing against men, we are just fighting for equality in our own terms. There were and still are so many males who are feminists as well. 


(Tamil-writer/poet/journalist/independence activist). This legend wanted a revolutionary girl to know her worth, voice out her opinions and objections, get a job and be successful in life so that nobody will disrespect her or take advantage of her. 


*Visu (Indian actor): This noble man made so many movies which gave importance to women and portrayed how women struggle on a daily basis, what keeps them going, how they are being treated... don't get me started on this. 

      Will Smith

*Will Smith: This icon believes that every girl is in control of her own body and it isn't cool when boys laugh at a girl because when that happens to their daughter they will feel differently. 

John Legend 
*John Legend: "All men should be feminists. If men care about women's rights the world will be a better place." Say no more. 

Just for once, we do not want to be ogled at like we are some kind of zoo creature, just for once we do not want our opinions to be frowned upon simply because we are females, just once we want to be heard, just once we want to be treated equally.  

Is that too much to ask? I don't think so, at the end of the day if we treated each other nicely and did as we ought to be done by regardless of the gender, the world will be a much better place. 

Yes, I'm a feminist and I'm proud of it! :) 

The article was written by A Cup Of Zeal

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