Dressed My Nails at Maniqure KL!

Have you been to a 5-star nail salon? I had no idea that such a thing exists until I visited this place!! Maniqure is unlike your usual nail parlour. They have all kind of services that can blow your mind!

Maniqure nail salon offers an extensive menu of manicure, pedicure, pampering foot spa, nail care & waxing services. They also have a place for customers to throw NAIL PARTIES. You can organize a fabulous birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower or just any private gathering.

Is that fun or what to be able to do a girl's most favourite activity while partying! Maniqure ultimate goal is to make every customer feel pampered & absolutely fabulous by the time they walk out the door! I think they are nailing it! *No pun intended

Maniqure creates the best salon experience for customers and best workplace environment for nail designers by engaging the 5 senses - taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing.

How do I explain this? From my perspective, the sight was the first thing I observed. As soon as I entered Maniqure I saw the flower decorations right next to the door and that itself sold me instantly. 

That was not it. They have put so much of effort to make each space to look really elegant, Instagram friendly and eyecatching. In fact, I was struggling to choose which space I should take my nail pictures at as all of the spaces looked so pretty.

They had waiting space, nail gallery space where they showcase the monthly theme. They literally change the decoration according to the theme each month.

Taste? As soon as I sat to do my nails, they served me a glass of hot tea. It was 3 hours session and I was completely hydrated while getting my nails done. They also gave me a hot towel so I can pamper my nails before getting my nails done. 

Touch and Smell? Since this is the Corona Virus period so they took a lot of safety precautions where they made sure they sanitize everything and use a glass slide between me and the nail designer so there will be minimal contact. Even without this MCO time, they make sure all nail tools are thoroughly sanitized in their machine for 30 minutes.

Since it was 3 hours so they gave me an iPad to watch Netflix while I'm getting my nails done. Each seat at Maniqure comes with an Ipad as well. 5 star or what? 

They are also very friendly and made me feel super comfortable throughout. Especially when I needed to take pictures of my nails because it was so pretty, they actually showed me where is the best place to take the picture and how to pose so I can flaunt my nails.

As soon as I sat to do my nails, I told my nail designer the kind of nails I wish to get and I got the design from their gallery. I customised it to my liking and my nail designer made sure that I get what I truly asked for. She designed my nails from scratch and no kidding, the amount of work she did made me realise that design I chose wasn't an easy once. 

She focused on every single detail the picture showed and made sure my nails look exactly the same as the picture in the gallery. I was extremely happy with how my nails turned out and I can't stop admiring my nails even now. 

Of course, to choose that design wasn't an easy thing to do as they had so many beautiful nail design in their gallery where I had about 5 final designs that I truly wanted. One step at a time!

The varieties of nails they have also consist of Marble Stone Nails, Picasso Nails, Flower Wedding Nails, Bubble Tea Nails, Planet Marble Nails, Tile Nails, Summer Nails, Flowers Nails, and my favourites are Bohemian Nails, Ocean Nails, Marble Nails and many more!

For more information: 

Maniqure Nail Salon - Kuala Lumpur
3-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  1. Manicure session at Maniqure! Wow! Thank you for coming.