Urban Yoga, Mermaid Freediving Experience and Staycation at Micasa All Suites!!


Everybody will love a good staycation. Luckily just as it was the weekend of my birthday I was invited to Micasa All Suites Hotel to experience a healthy and luxuries life. When I say healthy, it clearly doesn't sound like me as I usually run away from stuff like yoga and exercising like how I run away from responsibilities. 

This time since it was my birthday so I planned to be the "New Me" just that it wasn't the usual New Year drama. As we reached Micasa All Suites, the registration went on smoothly and real quickly indeed. I was lucky as I found Sarania akka as my date / amazing photographer!!

As we entered our designated room, I was surprised by a massive welcoming art on the mirror along with a card on the table. Since I have never been to Micasa All Suites before so I didn't know what to expect.

The room was huge and oh my it was apartment like where it has literally everything!! The bed was the centre of attraction and it came with a sofa, television, table to work, a place to cook and to dine along with a fridge. Worry not, they also have induction cooker and also all the utensils, plates and cups you will ever need. The bathroom had all the utilities we will need. 

Of course, the view from my room is what I usually look at right after checking the room and I was able to see the swimming pool and the city's landmarks. 

About Micasa All Suites

MiCasa All Suite Hotel boasts tastefully designed suites from one to three bedrooms of luxurious furnishings and its interiors have been described as ‘fabulous, inviting and self-decadent’.  

 A total of 242 suites with a spacious built up of between 500 sqft (studio) to 1,700 sqft (3-bedroom) makes for the perfect stay for corporate groups and family get-away.  

On the first day,  our agenda was to get dinner at Tapas Bistro and Bar, that is situated right next to Micasa All Suite Lobby. With a hotel tagline, ‘botanics & spice’, the hotel boasts of nature amidst city living with culinary preparation in kitchens focusing on freshly plucked herbs from a home-grown herb garden.  Aside to an all-day dining Tapas Bistro & Bar that dishes out a potpourri of lip-smacking tasty local and international dishes, the hotel also houses the multi award-winning Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar headed by the renowned Chef Takashi Kimura. 

The place looked like a greenhouse and I am completely in love with it. Another surprise was waiting for us where the table was decorated so beautifully with candles and flowers. They definitely know how to please women. *Let me tag my future husband here so he gets the clue.

First, we were served Farm Picked Mushroom Soup as an entree. Loved the creaminess of the mushroom soup. It would have been extraordinary with garlic bread. 

Next, we were served Grilled Lamb Chops as a main dish. The lamb grill was accompanied by mashed potato and asparagus. The asparagus was a hit along with the lamb grill and black pepper sauce. 

We ended the night with Creme Brulee as dessert and as for beverages we were served Rambutan Cocktail. It was definitely a different type of drink where you have fresh rambutan with a dash of vodka. 

It was a lovely night. We slept off early as we had an early morning Yoga at Micasa All Suites Hotel. The idea is to inculcate a healthy lifestyle for all hotel guests and to invite non-staying guests to experience Yoga by the pool, in the early morning while breathing in the fresh air. 

Aside to that, the hotel provides 2 types of Yoga packages for guests.  The snacks/meals included in the package is skewed towards a more healthy breakfast that is rich in protein.  The Hotel plans to carry out the program twice a month.  Stay tuned to the hotel’s social media platforms on IG / FB to be informed of the dates.  

We were instructed by the gorgeous Intan Baizura who is a Yoga instructor in Kuala Lumpur. She has been practising yoga for the past 10 years and has been teaching for the past 4 years. She teaches Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga at studios in the Klang Valley and also private classes. You can follow her on Instagram at @sibyoga_

The Yoga was super fun because it was accompanied by music and also nature. My view was the swimming pool and also the sky. It was an amazing experience. I loved how the instructor made sure everybody is able to follow. Especially me, I was first-timer when it comes to Yoga so I struggled here and there.

She gave me time to rest when I was unable to join. She also gave a few options to do the same yoga position as she understands everybody is different and has different capabilities.  

Next, we had a nice healthy breakfast at Tapas Bar and Bistro. 

Then we left to change and we got ready in our swimming suit. Next was Mermaid freediving with Steven Tan who is a Mermaid instructor in Kuala Lumpur. He is a certified freediver and has been actively involved in mermaiding for the past 3 years while teaching for the past 2 years. He was a Friendship's Award holder in 2019 World Mermaid Championship. He teaches Basic and Ocean Mermaid in Klang Valley and also offers private classes. 

You can follow him on Instagram at @merman.steven. Through a collaboration with the MiCasa All Suite Hotel as the Official Hotel Venue for this program, the hotel is the only hotel hosting Steven’s Mermaid Freediving classes on a regular basis. 

Packages offered by Steven, carried out at the Hotel is as follows:


RM300 per person

The course includes 1 pool session, land photography & mermaid tail wearing experience and RM50

Tapas Dining Voucher



RM1,100 per adult / RM700 per child (no cert)

RM1,588 per adult / RM800 per child (with cert)

The course includes 4 theory & pool session skill assessment, underwater shooting with a mermaid tail and

RM60 x 2 Tapas Dining Voucher


 Minimum 12 years of age and above (adult) and a minimum of 6 years of age (child)

Must have basic swimming skills with no fear of water

For me obviously, Mermaid Freediving was something I am hearing for the first time. Again, I didn't know what to expect. As soon as we reached the place, I got so excited as they displayed so many beautiful mermaid's tail. First, we tried the tail and experienced how it feels to be inside the tail.

I learned so much on what we can do and can't when we wear the tail. There are a lot of restrictions of course and the main one is you can't move your legs. So it is important to learn the lessons properly before you start swimming with the tail. 

After experiencing the mermaid tail, we went on with our first lesson where we got our shoes and learned how to move our body. We tried to do it a few times with Steven watching us closely. He was always there observing us and encouraged us when we did it correctly. I wasn't able to get it at first as I am a swimmer but I learned a lot from Steven.

It was rather mindblowing to see Steven swimming with the mermaid tail. Like a real big fish is passing the humans who are at the pool. Especially when he did a round turn. I was mesmerised. 

The day ended rather beautifully. I will strongly suggest you try the mermaid tail and at least experience how it feels to be in it and to be on the water. The outdoor yoga is also extremely refreshing! 

Overall, thank you so much Micasa All Suites for the invitation and for the amazing experience that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else!!

Due to current Covid situation, several proactive actions in accordance to the new norm has been put in place to ensure the safety of all guests.  They are enhanced standards of cleanliness and hygiene, implementation of health and safety procedures ie face mask, gloves, hand sanitizer & temperature checks, increased sanitizing of high-contact points, social distancing in lifts and all public areas and UVC light spectrum sterilizer to sanitize rooms upon check out.

For more information:

Micasa All-Suite Hotel

Address: 368-B Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur 50400, Malaysia

Email: infokul@micasahotel.com

General Line: +603 2179 8000

Fax: +603 2161 1186

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