Why You Should Avoid Toxic People?

Have you ever spent time with someone and you feel like your energy has been drained? If all that person do most of the time is to bad-mouth someone, or judge your life or discourage you from achieving what you truly want, then you're with a toxic person. 

Trust me, I don't mind spending a fortune to just STAY AWAY from this type of people. 

Why You Should Avoid Toxic People? 

1. They will drain your positive energy

Constant negativity from them creates a very negative vibe. So you won't feel lifted or elevated with their presence in your life. Them complaining about their life, giving up easily and always blaming others will create a very bad vibe around you.  

It will feel completely opposite when you're with positive people. They will elevate your energy and make you not to give up easily and ask you to keep trying when things don't go how it should be. 

2. They alter your thinking

Toxic people have their way to your brain where they will make you believe that it's better to give up than to try other ways. The more you spend your time around them, the more you will start to behave like them. Basically, your attitude will be changed.

You will be prone to do the bare minimum as you don't have the energy to fight the negative vibe. As I have mentioned earlier, congratulations, your energy has been fully sucked by those toxic people. 

3. They love drama

Have you seen a group of people get together and gossip about others? They are toxic! Positive people usually won't have time to ridicule or gossip about others. They will be more into knowing your progress or they will be sharing their experiences and talk about beneficial stuff than waste the time to talk bad about others. 

You grow with positive people and your growth will come to a halt with toxic people. 

How I identify toxic people?

Once you feel like somebody is giving you the negative vibes, pressuring you to do something you're not comfortable with, or creating too much unnecessary drama, then they are toxic,

It's time to avoid them.

Have you been with toxic people before? Comment below on your experiences!

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