Hi, I am Chuojashni and I don't have it all figured.

I create content daily, I work my ass off, I am positive, I am very happy, I am doing great, I have got everything figured is what my ideal self is all about.

 I try to create content at times, 

I sleep straight for 3 days because I feel lost, 

I cry 2 days once because I miss my past and loneliness is kind of killing me, 

I self doubt and constantly debate if I am doing the right thing literally every day. 

I sleep and sleep a lot at odd times because I want to avoid overthinking or miss my past.

Hi, I am Chuojashni and I don't have it all figured. 

I am full of flaws. But one thing I have been doing constantly from day 1 is I have been trying. No matter how lost I am I try to come back. I try. Really hard to be better and to be my ideal self. 

I really do try. I fail at times and I am "her" at times. It is fine. Both are acceptable. Failing is fine. I know I will try again the next day. Or the next week. 

There was once I was lost in my thoughts and was lost for 2 months plus. I couldn't try or even come back. After 2 months I tried, to be her. That's the least I could do in this boat that is sinking. To try to come back. 

I am glad that I am not too hard on myself. I am forgiving when I couldn't be "her".  I am glad that accepted my flaws. I know that one day I will try again and be "her". 

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