LKE Group Sdn Bhd officially launches the LKE Hydroponic Farm as the first eco-tourism farm in Bentong that effectively utilizes hydroponic systems to cultivate fresh produce which is intended to significantly contribute to Malaysia’s economic growth and set a benchmark for industry players nationwide to adopt Green Innovation Practices. The event was graced by Pn. Rosnah Mustafah, Senior Deputy Director – Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board (Tourism Malaysia).

Established as an independent facility three years ago, the 1.5-acre LKE Hydroponic Farm is part of LKE Group Sdn Bhd’s 200-acre establishment which consists of - LKE Musang Queen, LKE Hydroponic Farm, LKE Bio Ginger Farm, LKE Swiftlet Farming, LKE Palm Oil Plantation, and LKE Natural Rubber. The hydroponic farm employs a soilless farming technique to produce crops in a more eco-friendly method. The hydroponic system uses water as a base for the crops to grow as opposed to soil, and even so, it utilizes 80-90 percent less water as compared to traditional agriculture, all the while producing healthier and more nutritious crops with minimal pesticides. This is achieved by supplying sufficient nutrients via controlled supplements that flow through the water that the plants grow in. 

Growing in a controlled indoor environment where temperatures and humidity is monitored periodically, harvesting is not limited by growing seasons, permitting seasonal plants to grow all year long. The Hydroponic farming technique allows for a higher plant density due to the ample root space in the systems, given that they are not restricted by soil, thus, need not compete for water. On top of that, crops grown through this method are able to achieve heightened growth rates - about twice as fast as compared to traditional methods. The faster growth rates and higher density make for increased yield potential, allowing farmers to effectively produce crops in larger quantities throughout the year while maintaining the earth’s ecological integrity. 

Mr. Jeremy Chin, Managing Director and Co-founder of LKE Group Sdn Bhd, said, “Although we have had a rough start due to the pandemic, we are now ready to invite visitors from all across the globe as Malaysia opens its borders. The work we do here is important for the growth of the agriculture industry in Malaysia, as well as for the earth’s ecosystem. Hence, we hope to inspire local industry players to adopt innovative practices that are able to improve efficiency and productivity for a better yield, based on a scientific approach. In doing so, the Malaysian economy will expand significantly and we are one step closer to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.” 

The LKE Hydroponic Farm serves as an eco-tourism attraction that is suitable for locals and foreigners alike to experience the future of agriculture and educate children on sustainable practices to save mother earth. Visitors are taken through a tour around the facility by highly trained attendants, where key information on hydroponic systems is explained in detail. Apart from that, visitors will also be able to sample the fresh produce and indulge in a multitude of specialized menu items made entirely from the farm’s harvest. 

Pn. Rosnah Mustafah, Senior Deputy Director – Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board (Tourism Malaysia), said, “It brings me great pride to see our fellow Malaysians taking the initiative to preserve our planet and ensure sustainable living for generations to come. Their LKE Hydroponic Farm has most definitely set the benchmark for the agriculture industry in Malaysia and it is filled with numerous edutaining activities that are suitable for children and adults alike. Apart from this innovative farm, LKE Group Sdn Bhd also has so much to offer in their 200-acre land, which is certain to catch the attention of local and foreign travelers and boost the eco-tourism sector in Malaysia.” 

For more details, visit https://www.lkegroup.com.my/lke-hydroponic-farms/.

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