The Federation International of Grandmaster Association (FIOGA), commenced The 6th World Outstanding Grandmasters Excellence Award at the HGH Convention Centre, Sentul, to acknowledge the work and effort produced by the industry players who consistently made their way to the top throughout the pandemic. The award ceremony was graced by YBrs. Prof. Dr. MD Nasir Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer of National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), who presented the awards to the celebrities.

Below are the awards presented to the celebrities:

● Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan - Malaysia Most Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Grandmaster Excellence Award

● Amelia Henderson - Malaysia Most Outstanding Best Actress Excellence Award

● Sanjna Suri - Malaysia Most Outstanding Best Upcoming Actress Excellence Award

Having one of the most TV and movie appearances of all time, in Malaysia, Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan rose to fame since 1990 where he debuted in a drama titled Bukan Impian at the age of 36. Unfazed by the new talents in the industry, Dato’ Jalaluddin stood tall to be one of the most influential talents that Malaysia has ever seen. Having 32 years' worth of experience in acting, FIOGA offered him to bring home the ‘Malaysia Most Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Grandmaster Excellence Award’.

When it comes to female talents in TV broadcasts, Amelia Henderson has definitely made her mark in the local industry by being featured in many dramas and telemovies. Her outstanding acting skills left many in awe and quickly became one of the biggest names in Malaysia. 

As for the local beauty queen, Sanjna Suri, has been in huge demand by local producers due to her beauty traits and prominent roles in famous movies such as Sangkar, Ennaval, and Nasi Lemak 1.0. Thus, upon detailed evaluation by FIOGA, they have been awarded the Malaysia Most Outstanding Best Actress Excellence Award & Malaysia Most Outstanding Best Upcoming Actress Excellence Award respectively.

YBrs. Prof. Dr. MD Nasir Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer of FINAS, said, “Creating content throughout the pandemic is not an easy task, especially with the SOPs set in place. Hats off all of you for providing top-notch content to the local scene despite all the struggles faced during production. With the advancement of technology, we consume more information from the media, be it for informative news or purely for entertainment. As for the entertainment category, we at FINAS are always on our toes to bring the entertainment products to greater heights. Hence, such an award is important to the entertainment industry because it will inspire many upcoming talents to do their best to achieve the award.”

Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan shared his thoughts by saying, “Thank you to FINAS and the award organizer

FIOGA for awarding me with such a prestigious award. Throughout my 32 years of working in the

entertainment industry, I never expected to receive such an award to complement my hard work in the

industry. Despite receiving this award, I would like to say that I am not slowing down in my journey as an actor in Malaysia. If God wills, I would like to stay longer in this wonderful industry.”

Highly concerned about the legitimacy of the award, Prof. Dato’ Seri Dr. Chan Fa Deng, Founder of The World Outstanding Grandmasters Excellence Award, strongly emphasized the standards and laws that have been set in place for the judges to select deserving awardees. The organizers put special attention to the contributions in the respective industries, and turn down applications with mediocre performances; in doing so, they are the reference point for the public to recognize only the best in Malaysia.

To receive the World Outstanding Grandmasters Excellence Award, companies and individuals must submit their application to FIOGA for a thorough and intricate process of assessment before being listed as the award recipient. Upon evaluating the participants, FIOGA shortlisted 41 candidates which were segregated into three regions which are the awardees for Malaysia, Asia and the World.

Among the 41 shortlisted candidates, these are some of the prominent individuals who successfully brought Malaysia to greater heights.

● Prof.Datuk Dr.Jimmy Choo - World Most Outstanding Shoe Art Designer Grandmaster

Excellence Award

● Lee Pei Ling - Asia Most Outstanding New Singer Grandmaster Excellence Award

● Masya Masyitah - Malaysia New Most Outstanding Singer Excellence Award

● Kwok Voon Voon - Asia Most Outstanding Singer Grandmaster Excellence Award

● Winnie K - Malaysia Most Outstanding Singer Grandmaster Excellence Award

● Leona Chin Lyweoi - Malaysia Most Outstanding Ladies Racing Car Grandmaster Excellence


● Datin Dr Winnie Loo - Asia Most Outstanding Hairdressing Industry Brands Grandmaster

Excellence Award

● Ong Peng Chu - Asia Most Outstanding Music Producer Grandmaster Excellence Award

● Adam Ham - Malaysia Most Outstanding Media Planning Strategy Grandmaster Excellence Award

Prof. Dato’ Seri Dr. Chan Fa Deng stated, “Organizing an award ceremony is not an easy task for us as

we spend most of our time carefully evaluating the candidates. I would proudly say that tonight, every

awardee in this room successfully impressed us with their contributions in their respective fields. I would like to thank all of you for making Malaysia proud. Continue inspiring the new talents, let's work together and bring Malaysia onto the world map once again.”

YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr. M Kayveas, President of People’s Progressive Party; YBhg. Dato’ Dr. Tock Min Kin, Advisor of World Noble Organization; and YBhg. Dato’ Sri Dr. Seow Kah Foong, Advisor of MCICTCA, were among the prominent VVIPs of the award ceremony.

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