Tips to Create Good Content

1. Be a consistent updater. At least let them know that you will blog every week once if you happen to have a hectic schedule. So your loyal readers will constantly check your blog.

2. Make sure your grammar is okay as your reader might find it to be a turn-off to read a full of mistakes type of write-up. (Small grammar mistakes happens guys. Just avoid the major mistakes which will make your readers stop reading your write-up)

3. You usually fish for your audience from your title so make sure you come up with a good and catchy title.

4. Be you. Be very realistic. People like to engage with the true you and would love to engage with you for who you are. Show your character through your write-up and hook your readers with that.

5. Get ideas from your audience. Ask them on what they want to read about and work on that content. This also can give you a basic understanding of your audience.

6. Never plagiarise another blogger. Never! Even the ideas should be original. You must stand out because of your unique blog. When you copy others the chance to lose your reputation is high.

7. Invite another blogger to collaborate with you. Collaborations are great and this will make your platform to reach more people.

8. Create more social platforms. You need other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to create awareness regarding your blog.

9. Invite your readers to leave comments so they feel more engaged with your content and will be back for more.

10. Be creative about your content. Make your content as interesting as possible so the readers will be attracted to read your content.

11. Never give up. It happens. Views will skyrocket and drop all of sudden. Keep going and you will make it one day!

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