EVT- The Farm ~ A Good Game but It's Not My Cup of Tea

Again like Melle Tiranthathu Kathavu, in EVT the first half Karthik Shamalan beautifully executed a love story which will win many people's heart I believe. From there EVT will travel to the second half which is a slasher thriller.

EVT prepares you for what you are going to feel and experience throughout the entire journey in the very first scene itself.

No kidding! I was closing my eyes and ears at most scenes cause I have a very weak heart. I can't handle blood and slashing. No wonder it is rated as 18 plus. (I'm still 16 by heart).

EVT magnificently shows how a deaf and dumb girl is exploring the world with sound using her hearing machine along with her loved one.

While embarking the journey she will be kidnapped by someone who disguises as "The Wolf". How will she escape or will she even escape is what makes EVT as a whole.

Of course, it doesn't just end there. There will be a police squad who will be working on the missing case and will be digging the past in order to find out "The Wolf".

Jaya Ganason did a mind-blowing work by carrying the deaf and dumb role very well. As for a deaf and dumb girl, it is not easy to convey a message on a screen.

She made every move and gesture of hers to speak behalf of her by being extra expressive and that shows the effort that she has taken to portray her character well.

Personally, I feel the story was a little draggy at one part when she got trapped. Other than that, the story was rather captivating and the anticipation to know who is the GOD DAMN WOLF KILLED ME!

The only reason why I love EVT so much and I would not think twice to watch it again though it is not my cup of tea is because of the ending.

You would never be able to guess who is "The Wolf" until you watch the very last few minutes of the movie.

 I thought it's impossible to not be able to guess as somehow we would be able to guess right? Nope, you will have to watch EVT to know why you would not be able to guess.

EVT ~ Not for a weak heart

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  1. Your review makes me wanna watch this movie! Good write up babe. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you dear. Not a detailed one as I'm feeling extremely exhausted. *phewww