Confidence vs Over Confidence

What are the differences between confidence and overconfidence? Why is it that some people tend to fail even though they are very confident about executing something?

Confidence comes in 2 stages. In stage 1, you have to be confident that you can conduct something. In stage 2 you will have to plan on how to execute something. I call this as a strategy.

You have to plan on how to make something to happen. Make plan A, plan B and so on. Whichever that works to make your vision to happen.

Have the confidence that when you fail in executing plan A, then you can use plan B to make your vision to happen. So that's about being confident and planning your strategy.

And so why is it that some people tend to fail even though they are very confident about executing something?  

This is where overconfident barge in. Most people who are overconfident usually will fail to plan their strategy. Some tend to procrastinate. Some will approach the whole idea without any strategy.

They will take their capability to do something effortlessly for granted. Most of the time, the end result will be terrible as even though they have the confidence to execute something but when they fail to plan then they are planning to fail.

For example, when you are confident, you will constantly do exercises to prepare yourself for an exam. With that, you will confidently enter an exam hall.

When you are overconfident, you will skip the constantly practising part and study one hour before the exam. It happens just because you are overconfident that you can nail the exam.

Have the confidence, plan your strategy and conquer the world!

P.S This is solely my opinion. You might have a different opinion on what confidence and overconfidence means. Feel free to share it in the comment box.


  1. I do agree with your words as I do face a lot over confident kinda people. And I don't even know am I confident enough as I just feel a lil useless after met with the bad accident and lost everything ><

  2. I really hate those that are overly confidence and they don't even realize. What's more is they don't accept advise from others.

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