Yes, I am a First Bench Student but..

Most people think that I usually sit in the front row in class because I am some kind of a nerd and I love to study. Today, the truth will be out!

1. I sit in front so I don't have to study.

 Most of you would have thought that students who sit in front or the first bench in class are pretty smart. Even most lecturers feel the same and so when they come up with the question, I am the last person they will ask. Therefore, I don't bother studying before class.

2. To skip sleeping

I don't want to sleep in the class when the session is taking place. I GOD DAMN paid $ 450.00 for 1 subject and you think I WILL SLEEP IN THE CLASS? Oh, forget it!

3. To stalk the lecturer

So I can observe the way the lecturer talk and the way they conduct themselves. Even though, most of them talk like a train where I don't understand a thing but I actually observe on how they survive being bullied and trolled by students. So when I am a lecturer in future I can apply the same technique. I only focus when a lecturer gets bashed by students by the way.

4. I am short

Or should I say that I am petite so I will feel better? *Nope, I still don't feel better about me being short. LOL! Since I am short so I hate it when other tall students block my view. Like, come on!

5. So nobody irritates me 

When I am concentrating, I hate it when people talk at the back of me or even in front of me. It is super annoying! I would have killed them a thousand times in my head whenever it happens. GET A LIFE, PEOPLE!

6. Attendance list

I always forget to sign the attendance sheet so if I am in front I get to sign it first. Some lecturers of mine do care about the attendance and I don't want them to mark my assignment after analysing the attendance. I am already getting only half mark most of the time. -_-

7. So the lecturer won't ask me any question. 

Most of the time my mind is blank in class cause I am in the middle of to sleep and to pretend to focus. So when the lecturer asks me what is 1+1, I will just stare at her face without realising that she is actually talking to me.

8. So I can stay away from Instagram and Facebook for at least for 1 hour straight.

I always hope that after that 1 hour of updating a picture on Instagram, I will get like at least a million likes but yeah maybe in my dreams.

9. So I don't have to socialise. 

I hate talking when I am in the class because I am always in a sleep mode. The class is so f*cking cold as well so what do you expect right?

10. Here comes the ugly truth!

 I sit in front because I am blind! Okay fine, I can't see the slides clearly and I wear glasses while I am in class. Worst is when I forget my glasses. Screwed big time!

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