Aasaan ~ The Phoenix Bird

Aasaan. The first half will cringe your heart to the core and the second half will keep you captivated!

Aasaan is a movie about the sacrifices and risks a father is willing to take for his daughter. This particular movie is clearly broken down into first half and second half.

As both parts are content with a different level of energy, it will make you embark on a different journey and it gives you a completely different feel.

Aasaan's first half is about how a man loses everything that he had, goes to the lowest point in his life, emotionally and mentally burns down and rises up from the ashes.

The main reason why I prefer calling Aasaan as the phoenix bird.

Hari Dhass sir's remarkable acting in a particular scene was seriously something unexpected and it STOLE THE SHOW.

Lot's of why and what will appear in the first half. I was glad that everything was revealed at the end of the first half itself.

The second half is where Aasaan will be lifted to a totally different level. Most scenes in the second half were brilliantly thought and well planned.

Aasaan is not a movie which was done for granted. Through the screenplay, it is rather obvious that a lot of studies has been done for each scene as it involved lots of technical terms.

I am not an engineer or even a higher level maths pro yet I was able to understand the circumstances that were ruling the screen and put myself there.

I somehow felt the flow of the story was a little slow but of course the screenplay was amazing that most scenes in the second half kept me captivated.

The girl baby Lishalini who played as Maithili is definitely heart stealing. Every character played their role excellently.

Characters like Seelan who played as Sara, Sugitha who played as Madhumitha, Saresh D7 who played as Rakesh and Shashi who played as Aravinthan are the backbone of the story.

The song Pathi Nilavu composed by Ztish is another astounding and a strong component in the movie. The mesmerizing voice of Thaneer Narayan together with the violin melted me each time they played it as BGM.

Aasaan ~ Brilliant 

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