TOKUYA is now at Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara!

TOKUYA is a 100 yen based Japanese Store that is newly opened at Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara! Not only that, now they have come up with some premium items which you will get to purchase exclusively from TOKUYA.

TOKUYA is full of amazing and purposeful unique product. By purposeful unique what they truly mean is ‘Purposeful’ in the placement of its product to inspire people to make bold decisions.

By unique what they truly mean is 'Unique' in the way no one can replicate how the brand lifts the spirits of people where it seeks to bring people through a unique user journey through Japan (modern and old).

They cater items for home, kitchen. beauty, stationary and many more. Here are some images to give you some idea of what they have.

I personally shopped there and I purchased about 15 items for  RM107.00. I don't about you but for me, that is really a good buy.

The items that I bought are the items that are unique and I really truly use in my daily life like laundry net, wet tissue, razor, hair dry glove. slippers that you wear in your home (I have a thing for comfy slippers) and also many more.

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