Cherish Every Moment Together with Tokyo Secret.

Hari Raya is always a good time to celebrate and strengthen our relationship with family and loved ones, but the less fortunate in society should not be neglected.  #YouAreNotAlone

On this blissful festive season, Tokyo Secret joined hands with Mac City to bring some festive cheer to 70 underprivileged children from Rumah Kasih Nurul Hasanah, Pusat Jagaan Kasih Harapan, and Pusat Jagaan Kasih Murni.

This meaningful event is one of Tokyo Secret’s yearly corporate social responsibility initiatives to share the joy of auspicious festivities with the less fortunate.

The special guests aged from 6 to 16 years old were served by a variety of festive Asian Delight dishes from Tokyo Secret, the latest range from the delectable menu.

The event saw the children and their caretakers enjoying the performance by professional clowns as well as delighting in gifts.

Each home was presented with a donation cheque to help the kids and the residents. Representatives from Mac City also presented practical daily needs as a gift to them.

It was a lovely day with lovely people. I was blessed to be able to witness such an event taking place. By spreading the news I hope I have done something from my side. 

I also took this opportunity to try Tokyo Secret food. They are well known for their Cheese Tart but they also have a variety of food selection including desserts that we can try.

I tried their Deep Fried Aroma Chicken Whole Leg with Chocolate Milkshake. I was afraid that the chocolate milkshake might be heavy and I won't be able to try the dessert but it was the complete opposite. 

The chocolate milkshake was really light with fresh milk and it didn't overwhelm me at all. I also tried a few of their desserts including the Cheese Tart, Chocolate Dreamer, Rose Mille Crepe, Syukurimu.

Rose Mille Crepe tasted very differently compared to the desserts we have tried. I liked the unique taste of it. 

Rose Mille Crepe ~ Tokyo Secret
Syukurimu is an almond crispy coating pastry filled with a sweet, creamy delectable custard filling that warms your heart! 

Syukurimu ~ Tokyo Secret
Tiffany dream was a surprise as the name kind of represented UK dessert but the taste was definitely Ulu Kelang dessert as it had pandan taste which was more of a local delicacy. 

Tiffany Dream
Chocolate Dream ~ Tokyo Secret
Overall, I loved the Tokyo Secret desserts and had an excellent day!

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