How to Prep Your Skin For Perfect Foundation and Avoid Cakey Face? ( For All Skin Type)

Textured, rough, thick and cakey is the last thing you need after applying your foundation. So how do we get a perfectly smooth foundation and also make the foundation to last long?

Part 1~ Prep the Face base
Right before you splash your face with tonnes of makeup make sure to start your face base with a clean face. Yes, cleanse, and exfoliate if you have to. As once your skin is free from dead skins then it will be easier for your foundation to slide on your skin. 

Use a moisturizer which suits your skin type to moisturise your face. You need to know your skin type so you can choose the right moisturizer. As the wrong moisturiser can either make your face base to look very dry or very oily after a few hours of applying the foundation. 

Never apply the primer right after you apply moisturiser. You will need to wait for the moisturiser to set in your face first you apply the primer. Wait at least for 30 minutes or at least till the moisturiser has dried up before you apply the primer. 

Apply the primer to your skin. Give extra attention to your T zone so it won't be oily at the end of the day. The T zones will be your forehead, bridge of the nose, and cheeks.

Remember that the more layers you put on your face, the higher the chances for you to get a cakey foundation. So less goes a long way

Part 2~ How to apply the foundation
When you're applying your foundation, start with a thin layer first, let it dry then see if you need to add more. Don't put multiple layers at a time just to finish every single drop you have spread on your hand. 

It is better to use a beauty blender compared to a brush as the beauty blender can soak up the access product on your face and leave your face with a nice airbrushed effect. 

The brush, on the other hand, can evoke all the unexfoliated dead skin on your face and show the flakiness on your face. It will make it even worse if you're blending the foundation in a circular motion using the brush.

Part 3 ~ After the makeup
Then, use a setting powder to hold your foundation well. By applying the setting powder you can get rid of the visible fines lines. Brush off the excess powder from the face so the face doesn't look cakey.

Last but not least, finish the makeup with a setting spray so your face will look hydrated and not dry and cakey.

Here is a video in detail: 

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