Unexpected Turning Point Within a Night~ Azhagaane Iravil | Ruvela | Music Video Review

A man confessing his love to his girlfriend for the first time. While he is trying to make the night as romantic as possible, an unexpected tragedy happens which will completely change both their lives overnight. What happened that night and what will happen next is what makes Azhagaane Iraviln unforgettable music video.

Azhagaane Iravil a music video by Velarasan who is better known as Ruvela, is the second single after Aaradhana. It must be a massive comeback after 2 years as the music video garnered about 40 k of views within 3 days of being released.

The lyrics, composition and vocal are by the man, Ruvela himself, apart from being the charming main male cast. The mesmerizing and soothing music and beats are by the talented Shane Xtreme. The mixing & mastering is by Boy Radge.

Apart from beautiful visuals and addictive chorus, it was the violin part by Varmman Elangkovan which made me to listen to the song again and again.

The casts of Azhagaane Iravil music video are Ruvela, Archana Ganesan, Keshap Suria & Hares Kumar. Being the female lead, the gorgeous Archana Ganesan made the music video relatable and easier for us to connect, at her best.

The mindblowing visuals are by the brilliant Soma Kanthan. I have not seen Pantai Klebang that beautiful.

Though there were a few setbacks like the colour wasn't balanced throughout the video and some scenes could have had better lighting but the entire visuals and amazing music made all the setbacks unnoticeable.

The music video felt like it is 40 minutes short film but it was shown brilliantly within 7 minutes.

Azhagaane Iravil ~ On repeat!

Produced by: Ruvela Events & Services
Composed & Vocal by Ruvela
Lyrics: Ruvela
Music & Beats: Shane Xtreme
Violin: Varmman Elangkovan
Mixing & Mastering: Boy Radge

 Music Video
Produced by: Ruvela Events & Services
Sponsored by: Binary University
Concept & Direction: Ruvela
Cast: Ruvela, Archana Ganesan, Keshap Suria & Hares Kumar
Co-Direction & Visuals: Soma Kanthan
Cuts & Colours: SK Gowri
Stylist & Art: Yasmin Nadiah
Art Direction & Gaffer: Keshap Suria
Technical Crew: Suriyati
Production Managers: Hares Kumar & Shankari Chandrasaigran
Devils Choreography: KJ Dancers (Hari Krishnan, Lim Yee Keong, Yuvan)
Drone: Manoj - Drone Squadron
MUA: Prishiga Senthilan
Lengha Sponsored by Style4u - Menega Thanapalan
Publicity Design: Dope Design Studios

Watch Azhagaane Iravil music video here:

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