Love is a Beautiful Feeling ~ The Breakup Version

It’s Valentines Day and you’re missing him, of course, the wound is still fresh, right?

Can’t get over him? Then continue reading cause at the end of the read, you might be so over him :)

It’s Valentines Day, you can feel mild pain in your chest, you’re missing him, you’re missing the warm hugs he used to give you, and there you are wishing that he is right there next to you.

Now think again. Yes, it is a special and meaningful day. You can feel the mild pain in your chest and all the cheesy drama. Well, is it true that you truly want him to be next to you?

Think. Is it him that you want right next to you? Or is it the feel that he gave you, is what you want right next to you right now? Is it the warmth and the comfort that you feel whenever he is around?


Well, most people miss the feel they had with the person and don’t truly miss the person. Cause there is a reason why you broke up with him right? You gave up on him for a reason.

This is what you have to be clear about. If you miss the feeling that he gave you then go chase the feel with someone else who is worth giving a try.

Yes, the feel will never be the same but it might be better. If the feel is better then you are successfully moving on.

Never crave for the same feeling again and again and get trapped in a box. Cause sometimes, even if you’re with the exact same person you won’t feel the same.

The feel is created by you when you were extremely happy and full of joy. Believe that you can get the feel or something better when you’re truly happy.

Go out there and find your happiness.

It’s okay to miss the feeling. We all do. But don’t get stuck there. It might eat you up if you stay there too long.

Go and chase your sun ❤️☺️


  1. I'm still trying but i can't stop thinking about her.