"Nobody Believed in Maindhan"~C Kumaresan 's Untold Story (Full Video)

Starting life from scratch, life wasn't easy for CK. He hustled hard from being the crew who irons the shirt, makes the drinks, and does most of the odd jobs for the crew members.

Being an actor was never his dream. Having major insecurities on skin colour, it made him reject most opportunities.

He even kept the fact that he is in the film industry away from his father for 2 years. He wanted to succeed first before revealing the truth to his father.

He was directing his dream to be a part of Bollywood movie-making team. While the demand and opportunity was there but fate had another plan for him. He had to give up his Bollywood dreams for it.

After fighting so hard, he finally made it, where he had his very own product on his hand. Maindhan. That too came to a halt when he couldn't find a producer to market his product.

After fighting so hard, finally, Maidhan became the first Malaysian Tamil movie to have the highest collection in Malaysia for many years before beaten by Vedigundu Pasangge in 2018.

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