Tiki BBQ Seafood Dinner Buffet, Kontiki, The Federal Kuala Lumpur

So if you have gone through my blog then you should know that I did a review for Kontiki Tiki Weekend Hi-Tea, Kontiki, The Federal Kuala Lumpur. The very same day I reviewed for the Tiki BBQ Seafood Dinner at Kontiki with my friend Sarania who is like a sister.

As it says it was all about seafood and BBQ! Since it is also buffet so we get to eat all the other food that was prepared as well. 

Before we dig into the food, let's talk about their SOP first! Since MCO just ended and RMCO started so Kontiki made sure the current SOP is followed.

Ever since opening for dine-in since 15th July 2020, they did few changes so the diners can dine in peace.  They installed a glass slide to every corner where the food is served so we don't have direct access to the food. Yes, we won't be able to take the food like how the usual buffet works.

The chef and the assistant chef will be at every station and serve us throughout. Only they have access to food. You just have to show them which food you want and they will serve you.

They have reduced the number of tables in order to maintain social distancing norms. Their Service Personnel will be wearing protective gear as required by the local health guidelines.   

Obviously, before you even enter the Restaurant, they will sure that you have scanned the QR code, register yourself and sanitize. 

Another thing that pulled my attention was they had a few carts full of food that travels around us while we eat so we can choose what we want and they will serve us. I found it to be a good move and yes, who wouldn't love food coming to us?

Now it's all about the BBQ SEAFOOD!!

I tried Slipper Lobster, Tiger Prawn, Large Squid, White Prawn, Lamb Cutlet, and Flower Crab. They also served assorted Sausages, Chicken Wing, Chicken Santin, and Beef Steak. 

How they serve you the BBQ is 

1. We have to select what we wish to eat and the chef will compile everything on a plate. 

2. They dip the seafood in a sauce and deep fry some and bbq some. Depends on what seafood you chose BTW. 

3. Then they will give you a pin so you can come back later.

4. Then just give them back the pin and get your desired seafood and feast on it!

The seafood that I tried was extremely fresh. The lobster and crab tasted really sweet. The sauce they used to fry and bbq it was extremely delicious as well. 

Right next to the BBQ section, they had Carving Board section where they serve Roasted Whole Lamb Rack and Lamb Leg, Beef Wellington, Baked Whole Salmon Fish where they served it with Mint, Mushroom, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Cream White Herb and BBQ Sauce.  

I tried the Roasted Lamb Leg and the Baked Salmon Fish with Mushroom sauce. The lamb, as usual, was a winner. I tried Baked Salmon Fish for the first time and OMG! I fell in love with it. The skin is a must-try!

It was very well baked and it was very crunchy and it had a splendid flavour! My mouth is watering even now while describing it.

They also had Tomyam Section, Salad Bar, Speciality Stall which serves Mee Udang or Asam Laksa, Satay, Fruits, and Chicken Rice. 

Since it is Seafood so they had a special section for the Seafood on Ice like1/2 Shell Oyster, Slipper Lobsters, Tiger Prawn, Flower Crab and 1/2 Shell Mussel. I tried it all. LOL!

The seafood was so fresh and sweet-tasting and I had to drench it up with the sauce since it is simply boiled. My personal favourite is Honey Mustard Dressing. They also serve Thousand Island, Caesar Dressing, Tartar Sauce, Pesto, Mayonaise, Balsamic and Olive Oil. 

Of course, the best way to end the day is with dessert. Since I had Hi-Tea the very same day so I opt for ice cream instead of cakes. 

They serve French Pastry, Pudding, Chocolate Eclair, Cakes, Malay Kuih, Jelly in Cup, Bubur and a lot more.

What I love most about Kontiki is the service is too good. You always get whatever you from them. They are always around so you can reach them easily. they also make sure our done plates are taken away so we can place more plates at our place. LOL!

Tiki BBQ Seafood Dinner is on every Fridays and Saturdays from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm. It cost RM 138 for adult, RM 69 for senior citizen and RM 49 for a child. 

For more information:

Mezzanine Level, The Federal Kuala Lumpur, 35 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Get Directions

 03-2148 9166 ext 2239

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