Crappy Blogger’s Massive Giveaway Worth Nearly RM 1000 From 3/8 to 9/8

A Massive Giveaway of Products worth nearly RM1000 is happening now at Crappy Blogger’s Instagram. 


It is a collaboration total of 10 Brands. Providing accessories comprising from head to toe which includes snacks for the tummy as well!

All you have to do in order to participate: 

1️⃣ Like the post.

2️⃣ Tag 5 people at @crappyblogger_ comment section

3️⃣ Follow the mentioned Participating Brands on Instagram
@crappyblogger_ , @tassel_cotton_ , @hennacrafthouse, @kiranyasri, @ini.deliciouz.baker, @elorafashionz , @perfectduoboutique, @sharminjeet , @hasunajewellery, @ashnajewels, @kiranya_sareecouture

4️⃣ Share the post on your IG Story and tag @CrappyBlogger. Screenshot your story and immediately send to (@crappyblogger_) inbox so she can keep track.

5️⃣ Now all you have to do is just wait for the winner's announcement


🕊Every picture on Crappy Blogger's Massive Giveaway is taken by @tawenthirancreation who handles both photography and videography of any auspicious event. 

🕊This post is sponsored by @guardian4und.ltd a Business and Financial Strategist who caters financial knowledge, investment consultation, and trading analysis. 

The duration of this giveaway is from 3rd August until 9th August 2020 ONLY!

The winner will be announced on the 10th of August.

Check out THE GIVEAWAY NOW! Crappy Blogger's Massive Giveaway

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