Newly appointed National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Dr. Md Nasir Ibrahim, graced the launch of Malaysia’s first-ever online cinema - Film Wallet Premium Video-On-Demand or Film Wallet PVOD, to revolutionize and elevate the consumer’s movie-going experience in a safer and a more comfortable environment.

Apart from being an innovative over-the-top (OTT) media service platform, Film Wallet PVOD is also

working together with local and international producers and distributors on film production and

exclusive international content. It doesn’t stop there, Film Wallet PVOD has announced that they will

be launching their platform to two countries in southeast Asia in February 2022, allowing for local

content to reach a much larger audience.

Established by a 100 percent Malaysian company, Film Wallet PVOD offers hundreds of on-demand

content from all across the globe, including - United States of America, Hong Kong, China, Korea,

Europe, and more. In doing so, users need not commit to a subscription to stream their favorite

content in high definition; rather, they would only need to purchase the movie once for as low as

RM1.90 and be able to re-watch it multiple times within the given time period. This makes for a more affordable and convenient option for users to catch the latest movie releases, anywhere, anytime.

Jack Yeoh, Founder and CEO of Film Wallet PVOD, said “Film Wallet PVOD is not just a solution for

users to access their favorite movies at their convenience without having to pay a monthly

subscription, but also an initiative to boost the film industry in Malaysia. We are determined to

contribute significantly to the growth of the local film industry by exposing and distributing their

content internationally beginning with the launch of Film Wallet PVOD in two southeast Asian

Countries next year, and more to come.”

Users can now access Film Wallet PVOD anywhere; be it from the comfort of their homes, during

lunch breaks, or anywhere else they choose to pass their time – all within a click of a button on their

smartphones, tablets or TVs.

At the press conference, Film Wallet PVOD announced their involvement in the co-production of

three local movies titled - Syaitan Nirrajim (directed by Ayez Shaukat), Where You Are (directed by

Woo Ming Jin), and Isolasi (directed by Ryon Lee) that is expected to be released next year. Film

Wallet also introduced their international content collaboration with Celestial Tiger Entertainment

from Hong Kong, allowing users to access exclusive action/thriller movies from around the world

under its ‘KIX’ brand. Users can expect more local and international distributors to be revealed in the

following months to come, further increasing the number of exclusive content on the OTT platform.

Prof. Dr. Md Nasir Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer of the National Film Development Corporation

Malaysia (FINAS), said, “The launch of Film Wallet PVOD will bring a positive effect to the film industry ecosystem as a new digital entertainment platform. What caught my attention was Film Wallet’s astounding capability to expand and launch their platform on an international level in a short period of time. Their vision to help export local films overseas is in line with FINAS’ program to promote local films internationally.”

About Film Wallet PVOD

Film Wallet PVOD is an on-demand video streaming service that aims to deliver premium content to

viewers on any screen, device or platform. It transforms the traditional way of how the industry

operates, bringing a revolution to the film & TV industry. Film Wallet is a global content marketplace

dedicated to bring content owners and buyers together digitally, allowing content rights to be

transacted globally through the Internet with just a few clicks.

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