KUALA LUMPUR, 13 January 2022 – Over 30 Local associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) unite under Rescue Union to launch a flood rescue theme song and music video titled - 撑在你背后 | KITA DI SISIMU | Together As One, in collaboration with over 15 local celebrities and artistes, in the presence of the Chairman of National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) Tuan Zakaria Abdul Hamid to encourage Malaysia to come together in the spirit of ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ to aid victims that have been tremendously affected by the recent flooding. 

The song urges the flood victims to not give up and push through the challenges – reminding them that after “every storm, comes a rainbow”. At the same time, it also encourages the rakyat to come together as one to help the flood victims recover from this disaster. Be it through monetary contributions, voluntary work, etc., everyone can contribute to helping them in their own ways to collectively make a huge impact. 

撑在你背后 | KITA DI SISIMU | Together As One is a multi-lingual song produced by local actor Lenny Ooi who is known for his roles in “Mrs K” and “You Believe in Ghost?”. The music video is a tribute to the flood victims and volunteers that were involved in the rescue program and it features over 15 Chinese, Malay, and Indian personalities, aimed at inspiring multi-racial harmony. 

Participating artistes include: 

  • Jack Lim  (My FM Radio Host)

  • Fu ying & Sam 

  • Henley 

  • Billy Ng 

  • Juztin Lan 

  • Ribbon Ooi 

  • Yumi Wong 

  • Puteri Lili Ayumi

  • Aki

  • Ky Tha 

  • Emely Poon 

  • Joey Kong 

  • Nick Ooi 

  • Regine Kok 

  • Cindy 

  • Lenny 

  • Sunshine Aileen Devi Eric

  • among other Rescue Union representatives

Tuan Zakaria Abdul Hamid, Chairman of National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), said, “Voluntary work reflects the cultures and morals of Malaysians who have the habit of helping each other. I am so proud to see our local artistes’ act promptly in providing assistance to the flood victims by using their talents and influence to collectively channel as much help as possible.”

“As one of the government's leading creative content bodies who were present at the sites to help those affected by the flood disaster, FINAS supports efforts and intentions such as this, because its boosts morale amid various calamities that the country faces. I also believe that entertainment takes the form of motivation that can instill enthusiasm into the people and inspire future volunteers. I hope that creative content publishers or content creators in Malaysia can follow in the footsteps of these celebrities in taking part in CSR similar activities, so that this practice can be applied widely, especially among youths ,” he added.  

Founded by two NGOs - Worldwide Wellness Club (WWC) and Malaysia Ecological Civilization Communication Centre (MECCC), Rescue Union is now jointly made up of more than 30 NGOs and associations, as well as nearly 300 volunteers that joined hands to work together in this movement. They have dedicated their time, effort, intelligence, and resources to raising funds and providing relief to the victims. At this moment, some 30 entrepreneurs and social leaders have agreed to become consultants to Rescue Union, in hopes that more volunteers and organizations will participate in this charitable cause. 

John Yap, the founder of Rescue Union, said, “When a flood disaster came to a critical stage, it became apparent that we will need a lot of support from NGOs and associations to make a significant impact in providing relief to flood victims. I would like to remind everyone that even though the floods have receded in some locations, there are still many more flood victims who are still suffering from the after-effects of this natural disaster. I hope that through this initiative, we can alleviate the burden of flood victims and help them to rehabilitate homes affected by the flood disaster.”

Music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yR8vKTy3H04 

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