I am Chuojashni Subramaniam. Don’t worry. If you don’t struggle when you’re trying to pronounce my name, then I might choke and die. Almost everybody including my own mother who named me does struggle to pronouns my name. It’s Cho-Jash-Ni though.

I am from Malaysia and it’s okay if you don’t know where Malaysia is. If can, even I don’t want to know where Malaysia is after I migrate and get a PR in a different country. *It’s a joke! I am pursuing Bachelor Degree in Psychology at the same time running my own blog (www.crappyblogger.com) which explains why I’m too into people. They are either my blog and article readers or the people I am going to troll on when I become a psychologist. *kidding.

I am from an Indian background and so as much as I have been restricted to do so many things in my life by the society but I bashed everything up and standing strong as Chuojashni. I live not to impress anyone but myself.That pretty much says who I am and what I am, I suppose. 

Email me at chuojashnisubramaniam@gmail.com for any enquiry.


  1. All The Best Chuojashni. I am waiting for your upcoming blogs.

  2. I love your work Chuojashni Subramaniam. I love you too aka Crappy Blogger.