WARNING! This post is solely for those who are book lovers. If you don't love books, if you will sleep once you see the sight of books or if you will get a headache once you see books because you're so darn sick of looking at your school textbook then, please stay away from this post. I repeat, please stay away from this post, like seriously!

Back to our initial topic! BIG BAD WOLF BOOK SALE IS BACK! Okay fine! By now those who love to read should have known that BBW sale started on 8th of December for those who were holding a premium pass and  it opened to the public on 9th of December. I am a little late in doing this post but heyyyy it will end only on 19th of December so I still can write on this. *That's how I am consoling myself at least.

Yes, they give 75% - 95% off. Every book lovers who are Malaysian knows this because we Malaysian love free stuff and discounted items. Thats why most of the book lovers goes crazy during BBW sale! Honey, it's a sale! Who will not go crazy?! At least I know that I will! So I have got some pictures to show you how much you can actually save if you go to BBW and purchase.
So the price of this book is RM 18.00 and you can see the original price on the next image and it cost about RM 75.00. Guess how much you have saved now? That's right. Do your maths! My brain is not working now. :p
The original price is here

This is how the book is ilustrated. You think this book will go for RM18.00 anywhere else? I don't know.

Yes, you guessed it right! I used it as a sample because I was about to get it for myself! Look how creative it is!!

This time, in particular, let me tell you what are the new changes that I have observed and I think I should let you know. *What I really meant was (I'm going to boast about whatever I know about the sale so people will think that I am an observer and smart :p) So there are 4 million books this time. I got no idea how many million there was last time but I saw the "4 million" on the poster this time so I just gotta state it here.
This was on the right 

This was on the left

Also, the hall looked pretty huge and well organised. Every section was separated to its category, and to know what category it is, a huge banner was displayed on top of the sections. So you can move about safely, there will be no confusion on where is the fiction section or non-fiction section and even cashier place's banner were screaming out loud!

Not only that, during a conversation, I got to know that this time, a lot of Chinese books were for sale. Apparently, Chinese book corner was newly added and there was no Chinese book corner before. I kid you not! The Chinese book corner wasn't a small corner! It took a long row and there are lots of books! Like A LOT! So if you know how to read Chinese, here is your chance to fill your reading corner with a lot of Chinese books!

Wait right there! BBW is not only about non-fiction, fiction, and children book but BBW also offers recipe and cooking. Not only that, even encyclopaedias and dictionaries were available but I didn't take shots of it, unfortunately. Maybe you can search for one when you are there and I'm sure you can spot it!

Not to forget, BBW has this cute section called as Curious Corner! It took my breath away. *Exaggerating but it was one of a hell fun corner which I really had fun going into.

So what are you waiting for? Run to Mines now! *I know I did! LOL!


  1. I'm always super excited when BBW is here in town. I always visit during the midnight to avoid the crowd. And I'm super happy about the newly added Chinese corner too!

  2. ohmay...I just saw something I like in one of your picture.
    Definitely going there this weekend!

  3. I have not done reading the books I bought last year from BBW so I didn't go this year...haha

  4. i love shopping at book excess but have not gotten a chance to visit the BBW SALE...

  5. Argh... I missed it, next time must go!