What Do Women Look For When They Want To Get In A Long-term Relationship?

Reputation security? Financial security? Emotional security? Can this post get any crappier? Yes, it can!

So what do women look for when they want to get into a long-term relationship? Here comes "mother of the relationship who is currently single because she sucks at dating" to advise you. Breath in, breath out, breath in, and breath out. But why? I don't know. Sounds cool so just follow what "mother of the relationship" is saying okay. *joking

Well based on research, it is found that some women are too independent and are capable of taking care of themselves well, so the need to be in a relationship is not there. This doesn't go for a long time because somehow, "who is going to carry your genetic" topic will eventually come out. Obviously, most of the time, the culprit who will bring the topic out is nonetheless your god damn relatives!

So now must find a husband but whom? Who will be the best choice? Though it is not obvious, research says that most women make their choices based on these three categories. So here are the 3 steps on how to find a husband or in a good way of saying, these are what women should look for when they want to get into a long-term relationship.

1. Reputation security-
 He looks so drop dead gorgeous that you found your soul dropping and dying? Yeah, have been there few times myself.  Okay, personally I must have felt it a million times maybe. With all these butterfly feelings going on, I'm sure you would have already gone to a level of having 3 kids and a nanny with him. Right? It's okay to go that far. Have fun with your imaginations but does he qualify to be your husband?

2. Financial security-
Hey, he looks good! His looks are going to pay my car and electric bills. Now, no offence but sometimes when some of you consider just the appearance of someone then you're just having a lust feeling for that person.  Now coming to a serious talk, swaggers are not going to pay your bills, ladies! So it's time to check if he is worth your time. Is he able to take a good care of you for a long term? At least are you able to support him and yourself if he is unable to support you anymore due to some unavoidable circumstances? Think.

3. Emotional security-
So he looks good and he has a great job, now what? Does he talk and behave like a Nutella? Okay, so I'm not talking about a sweet talker but I'm talking about someone who can really bring a good conversation with you. Someone who listens and gives importance to the little stuff that you're sharing. Someone who respects you for who you are. Someone who appreciates your efforts and gives credits to you. I can list down a lot more but guys are never perfect, so are you and me of course. Therefore, analyse his character and talk to him if you think he is not up to par.

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  1. i agree that it is what women want.. whether they get it all is another matter.. hhahah... we can only know for sure if you struck the jackpot at all three after a few years of marriage or living together... huhuhu

  2. most of the girl wish to get a partner with all those criteria and they will feel more secure about their relationship!

  3. Everybody wish for the same.But not all can be achieve at one go.It need to develop slowly .

  4. Yup, agree with your points, reputation, financial and emotional are very important to me as well :)

  5. Every women have their own taste on finding for their own partner :)

  6. Yes, at this age, we all wish for almost the same things- security in all those aspects! Couldnt agree more !

  7. I think you are right!
    May be that's every woman wants!

  8. agree on this. also bonding with family important too. both sides of family.

  9. so true. we are looking for this from our man

  10. Someone who doesn't do the dishes and leaves dirty laundry everywhere :)