That One Question is the Reason Why I am Who I am Now. Thank You, Amma.

It has been 5 months since I last met my Amma. It also took me 5 months away from home to realise how much my Amma has been an influence in my decision making as well. I was 17 then. I have big dreams but I had no courage to make anything to happen. I kept dreaming until my Amma told me "Nothing is impossible." It's a normal phrase and every human being would have heard it or seen it at least once in their lifetime but her words echoed in my ears.

It got me going crazy. It got me thinking if nothing is impossible then for someone who is from Penang like me to go Kuala Lumpur and study shouldn't be impossible as well. I very badly wanted to study in HELP University as it is a pioneer university for Psychology course and it is well known. I was all hyped up and once I got flying colour results, I set my journey to Kuala Lumpur. Unexpectedly, few incidents happened and broke my confidence to venture and it put a halt to all of my dreams.

I got snatched by a thief, I lost my job, I got into an accident and a few months later I was sexually harassed when I was waiting for my Amma after work (Click on the link to read both articles). Followed by having my pharmacy being robbed by a guy who held a long sword super close to me. I was only 19 then (2014 was a bad year for me, LOL!). Like a coward, I didn't step out of my room at all. I was traumatised by the incidents and I was all lost.

Then my Amma asked me, "If you can't face the outside world then how about your Australia dreams? It will be even worst there. People might even show guns at you. You want to forget it all and just stay in your room for the rest of your life?"

That one question is the reason why I am who I am now. A blogger who is studying at HELP University and she doesn't think twice to go to places. Thank you, Amma. Implicitly, you brought me to where I am now. I have got way more on my path to venture and like you said, the Australia dream too I will achieve with God's willing.

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