Thee ~ Burning Rage!

A very impactful music video on Sri Lanka Genocide with war scenes poignantly brought back the memories of the most painful and brutal incidents.

Stats showed over 70 000 to 100, 000 died in the war and many claimed it exceeded more than 100,000.

Many forgot and some are still living with the memory of it every single minute.

To walk in a bloodshed land. To see corpses hanging on a palm tree. To look at disfigured baby corpses.

To be raped while wishing to be dead at that particular time. To constantly hear gun shots knowing somebody's life is being taken away and not knowing when theirs going to be taken.

Countless died. Countless wished to be killed. Countless dreamed to survive the war. Need I say more?

This music video is dedicated to more than 100, 000 civilian, men, women, and children who perished between 1982 and 2009 and also to thousand who are maimed and are missing.

Watch the video here:

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